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Bangi Haze is a multinational hybrid, we’ve got a hybrid coming from sturdy nepalese landraces, mixed with some Congolese Sativa resulting in a Sativa dominant hybrid (70%). Surprisingly enough it’s a relatively easy Sativa strain to grow, and it’s definitely suited for either indoor or outdoor growing, even in the colder climates !

We really mean it ! The strain was developed in one of the coldest regions of Spain, Galicia – a very foggy, rainy region – which makes the strain resilient to cold climates, ideal for the growers in challenging outdoor climates.
The flowering cycle is pretty quick, 9-10 weeks, and will grow just as well under artificial light. And the plant will enjoy medium dosages of fertiliser, and low amounts of nitrogen.

If you’re lighting up some Bangi Haze you should be feeling uplifted with a clear euphoric high combined with an energised buzz all coming from the deep african Sativa roots, these feelings are then mixed with a calming soothing and somewhat sedating body high coming from the Nepalese genetics.
Describing the flavours as sweet is an understatement. There’s a complex blend with hints of lemon combined with anise, hints of hash and summer blossoms !

So to sum it up, we’ve got a really strong Sativa breed that Jon Snow could easily plant across the wall and still get a nice yield. A Sativa energetic creative high combined with the mellow body stoned effect. Which isn’t as strong (15%-20% THC). Great for new growers and those Mellow-high-Sativa smokers !


Regular Regular Regular
Type Photoperiod
Gentype Genotype 30% Indica/Sativa 70%
Genetics Genetics Congo x Nepal Sativa
Flowering Flowering 70 days
Height Height up to 3m
THC Thc 17.0%
CBD Cbd Medium
outdoor Method Outdoor


Lemony, anis with a cheesy touch



Apart from the listed below, it's been known to be quite the arousing strain !


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