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Ortega to sum in up in one sentence, as the Mr.Nice team perfectly quoted; it’s “like a night medicine”. Ortega is a descendent of Northern Lights #1 and #5 and originates many years ago in the mid 80’s. The straight genetic parents are Nevil x Shantibaba. It’s basically a full Afhgan strain ! So expect a great yield, and small bushier plants – Almost Christmas tree like : and like a Christmas tree you can expect presents..

If you’re an Indica lover then there’s really nothing bad to say about this strain, easy to grow, great yield (500-750g per square meter). On the other hand – those hyperactives strain seekers should maybe think about staying away:
Ortega is a great sedative, as well as medicinal – That said, you’ll very easily get the giggles given the right circumstances, but smoke this before bed and you’ll be carried off to dreamland by Mary Jane herself, but in any case smoke it after an achey sport session and she’ll be there wrapping up the pains in CBD covered bandages.
The strain will also relieve anxieties, muscle tensions – good for nauseas and will just make your body feel light and uplifted.

So to sum it up, a really medicinal sedative strain, that’ll help with pains, rest, anxieties as well as being enjoyed by users seeking to get chilled and have a laugh with their mates before the great body high kicks in, ideal for those evenings or lazy weekends with nothing to do.


Regular Regular Regular
Type Photoperiod
Gentype Genotype Indica / sativa
Flowering Flowering 7-9 Weeks
Harvest Harvest 500 - 750 g/m2
THC Thc Very High
CBD Cbd Very High


Sweet yet pungent.



This one is a strong Indica that could easily leave you tucked up in bed and ready to snooze ! It's also great to just sit back relax and feel a really nice body high !

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