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India is the natural habitat for many famous cannabis strains such as Kush, Mazar and any other Indica landraces. They are for the most part compact, bushy and high-yielding plants.

However, Ganesh Spirit is a rare Sativa-dominant Indian strain from the northern regions of the country. The guys from Sweet Seeds did a lot of work on that one. The main advantage of that strain is that it has the appearance of Indica plant while remaining Sativa kind of high. Performance is also above average, ~600 grams per plant outdoors/per square meter indoors.

We suggest you do anything possible in order to avoid the pronounced spicy aroma. This is a skunky-looking and productive plant. From a genetic standpoint it is 60% Sativa/40% Indica, and that’s a rare combination. Strains like this one inherit all the upsides of pure varieties while getting rid of their shortcomings.


Feminized Feminized Feminized
Type Photoperiod
Gentype Genotype Indica / Sativa: 40-60%
Genetics Genetics Mostly Sativa
Flowering Flowering 8 weeks
Harvest Harvest 400-600 gr/m2
Height Height 60-120 cm
THC Thc 19.0%
CBD Cbd 0.8%
outdoor Method Outdoor
indoor Method Indoor


Its sweet, fruity aroma is prevalent.



That smoke energizes people and fills their souls with joy. THC level is pretty impressive, 18 to 20 percent. So, potency is decent too.
Ganesh Spirit is a medical plant, something that ancient people used with great success. Cannabinoids are known for their therapeutic value, since science proves their efficiency for treating various conditions, for example, nausea, appetite disorders, muscle pains and many more.

Dry Eyes


3er Premio - categoría Interior - 1a copa de Cannabis - Uruguay - 2012


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