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Turquoise Jeep is a regular cross out of Dj Shorts Blueberry and the fortunate Goji O.G. Moxie’s favorite base mix outrageous strains. Although it has become quite about Dj Short he is still one of the best breeders worldwide, creating a new strain with his famous Blueberry is an honor.

It is a fast regular though, after 56-63 days you have a perfectly grown indica plant in front of you, ready to harvest the dense and concentrated buds. This plant will shine in beautiful colors during the flowering process.
It is a easy to grow strain, so even suitable for beginner growers, but not for beginner smokers, it contains a heavy load of THC!

This strain mixes its goji berry flavor with indica effect, so your body will directly feel a stress relief. You will forget you daily routine for a while, because your body will just relax so much, that you stay giggling about your current situation and get a positive outlook again.


Regular Regular Regular
Type Photoperiod
Genetics Genetics Goji O.G. x DJ Short's Blueberry
Flowering Flowering 56-63 days
THC Thc High
CBD Cbd High
outdoor Method Outdoor
indoor Method Indoor





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