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Goji Cake is a delicious strain created by Moxie by crossing the brilliant Goji O.G. from Bodhi Seeds with The Jesus O.G. from TGA. So as long as there is Jesus in it, there is enough indica to relax.

You will have a big yielding plant, and because of its indica dominance, it will be yielding in a rather bushy way. These CBD filled buds will be ready to be harvested after only 8 to 9 weeks of flowering. There is an enormous CBD content in this strain: up to 10%! So you can see it as a real cure for any physical or mental illness or problems, as depression, anxiety, migraine and chronical pain.

If you are searching for a nice indica effect with a tropical cake taste, you just found the one! The goji berry taste harmonized with the stress relieves.


Regular Regular Regular
Type Photoperiod
Genetics Genetics Goji O.G. x Jesus O.G.
Flowering Flowering 8-9 weeks
THC Thc High
CBD Cbd Very High
outdoor Method Outdoor
indoor Method Indoor

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