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The Stardawg genetic receives its name for the crystallized and bright trichomes that make this variety dazzle anyone. It is a hybrid cross between Chemdawg 4 and Tres Dawg.

Our Stardawg Autoflowering version is a very potent strain with a THC level of up to 22%. Consumers can be prepared for a very strong cerebral experience, accompanied by a major bodily heaviness.

Its smell is spectacular and the simple fact of smelling it makes you feel happy and positive! In addition, Stardawg is ideal to help patients combat stress, fatigue and anxiety disorders.


The smell of this plant is usually citrus and pine with a lemon scent.


This variety is known for showing full effect in the first 5 minutes of being consumed. These effects are reflected in your whole being: mind and body. Culminating in a strong cerebral stroke, and accompanied by total relaxation throughout your body , increases creativity and produces psychedelic effects in some cases. It also helps increase hunger, and can reduce nausea . In fact, this variety has a surprising medicinal value, and can be useful in many aspects . Not only to enjoy its effects as cannabis plant, but also as medicine.

You’ll need a few minutes before you can stand up after having tested , because it could be that your legs are shaking!!


This variety has no great mystery when cultivating it. It is simple, but will surprise you with its high growth. As the plant grows, you will observe green buds clearly that appear to be covered with glittering crystals and orange “orange” hairs on it.

We recommend you to give it enough room for its growth , because as we said, this plant can become quite high, and its branches need to be able to deploy well. For indoor grow, we recommend using pots with at least 3 gallons (10 -11 liters ) with 600-1000 watts spotlights.

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Gender Feminized
Type Autoflowering
Genotype Mostly Indica
Genetics Stardawg autoflowering
Flowering 8-9 weeks
Harvest 400-600 g/m2 50-300 g/plant
Height 70 - 120 cm
Thc 22%
Cbd High
Method Indoor




Dry Eyes

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7 reviews
Most Helpful Customer Reviews
  • Best smell
    The smell is amazing
    The yield is not so big
    I´ll give this strain the best review because of the smell and the taste, it´s amazing, it reminds me the chemdog, but with some special notes, the high is really good to relax, specially recommend for enjoy your xbox evening=)

    By on

  • Comment:
    3 girls, 1 phenotype end yield: 60 / 60 / 120g quality is amazing !

    By on

  • Comment:
    I got a bad gen. a dwarf that grew for 2months and gave me 2,5 grams

    By on

  • Comment:
    Nothing particularly interesting. Does it's job. Got me high. Not my favorite strain but not a bad strain either. I'd much prefer some Pineapple over this.

    By on

7 reviews
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