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Breeders from Dutch Passion never cease to surprise. They keep working on their strains, always trying to improve their characteristics, and this is the case with the AutoFrisian Dew. The strain had been genetically “refreshed”; it’s a new generation of autoflowering plants with extensive yields and shocking potency. Many phenotypes are prone to have purple flower coloring, which is very nice to look at.
These nugs are rock-hard and full of THC-containing resin. If you’re willing to acquire the bigger crop, you should be employing high-powered light sources such as high pressure sodium lamps or LED grow lights. However, nobody keeps you from using your regular fluorescent lamps that can be found in every household. If you do everything right, the yields will be plentiful even with this kind of light.
The strength of this strain is impressive. Always thought that autoflowers were weak and not worthy of your attention? Well, too bad, because these last generation autos are just as heavy-hitting as many photoperiod strains.
Plants are able to stand up to any stresses or pests. AutoFrisian Dew also can absorb plenty of nutrients, both organic and mineral in nature. Plants thrive in the various habitats, including geographical areas with the temperate climate where photoperiod varieties can’t survive. AutoFrisian Dew can withstand overheating or cold, dehydration or overwatering. Obviously, it’s better to keep your plants away from the stress if you’re trying to get as much bud as possible.
Throughout the flowering period plans give off tons of smell which is fairly apparent. If you don’t want people to know about your plants you should most definitely get rid of the odor as soon as you can.

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Gender Feminized
Type Autoflowering
Genotype Sativa Indica Ruderalis
Genetics Frisian Dew x Ruderalis
Flowering 10 weeks from seed
Harvest 50-100 gr/plant
Height 60-80 cm
Thc High
Cbd Medium
Method Indoor




Dry Mouth

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