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This 100% Indica strains was born as a result of hybridization between Girls Scout Cookies, the variety that was chosen for its superior taste, and an undisputed champion, renowned OG Kush. The offspring turned out to be glorious. Meet the last generation of Indica! Even the OG Kush doesn’t look all that impressive when compared to the Cookies Kush. All of the properties were improved: yields were increased, smell became even more intense, and there is even more THC – incredible 24%!

There are many trichomes on the surface of the buds. This means that the production of resin is ridiculous, and if you’re willing to make some hash, this strain is what you should be looking for. Buds are stone-hard and rather heavy. Cookies Kush is an absurd yielder, indoor crop reaches up to 600 (!) grams per square meter. Outdoor crop may vary, but the average estimate is 500-700 grams per plant, implying that the plants had the access to plenty of sunlight.


Feminized Feminized Feminized
Type Photoperiod
Gentype Genotype Indica
Genetics Genetics Girl Scout Cookies x Rolex Kush
Flowering Flowering 50-60 days
Harvest Harvest 600 gr / m2
Height Height 50-100 cm
THC Thc 24.0%
CBD Cbd High
outdoor Method Outdoor
indoor Method Indoor
greenhouse Method Greenhouse


The smoke smells like incense and burning hashish, leaves a pleasant aftertaste in your mouth.



Even though it’s a pure Indica strain, the effect partially resembles the clean high that is usually inherent to the pure Sativas. Body “stone” is still present thanks to the 1% of CBD.

Dry Mouth


Hightimes Cannabis Cup Amsterdam 2014: Coffeeshop Flovers


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Most Helpful Customer Reviews
  • Strong indica effect. Nice smoke. Good for stress and defferent pain

    By on

  • Too much relaxing for me. But lovely smell and taste

    By on

  • Very strong for me. Can't even smoke every day, although like it very much

    By on

  • Lovely sweet taste. Nice smoke. Great yield

    By on

  • Grew above 100 cm in autdoor, but I liked it in any case

    By on

  • amazing strain love its relaxing effects

  • Soo I read up top it's got 24% THC and then someone said it was pretty mild high... boy what is your tolerance level.. you need dabs dude ! I grew it and like wow it was intense. Don't think I had 24% but maybe a bit less? 22? 20? I guess it always depends on the grow but yeah I found it to be quite the knockout Indy

  • The nugs are dense and compact. Only problem is the yield is somewhat smaller than some other Kush strains and the high isn't quite potent enough for me

    By on

  • A nice mellow Indica, not too strong and the buds are hard as the rocks of hell!!!

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