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This variety was created by the Fastbuds team as a variety for foodies who love marijuana. The Fastbuds Blackberry strain offers a mix of flavours that create a burst of spicy, sweet, fruity, wild berries and pine sensations that you won’t be forgetting. The combination of the Blackberry and purple Kush strains of Pakistani descent result in these alluring qualities present in this strain, with minor Sativa and Canadian Ruderalis contributions rounding out the necessary genetics of the strain.
This strain has a strong Indica resemblance, with a small stature between 10-110 cm. The internal distance is quite short and many small branches along its stem, with compact buds developing around a large central cola. The flower production on this variety is outstanding! As the buds begin to mature, they will gradually get covered in large amounts of resin like the top of a mountain peak. In addition to the change in the physical appearance the Blackberry strain quickly develops a very fresh and fruity aroma. Because of the Pakistani genetics this strain is a major producer of resin. The plant readily develops a reddish-purple hue, which will make you fall in love with the appearance of this plant throughout its growth. Indoor cultivation is recommended for this strain although it can also be grown outdoors in warm climates that don’t experience much overall change in temperature. An 18-6 light cycle is recommended for this strain. 
10-15 days before harvest the Fastbuds Blackberry will give a very pleasant fruity aroma with very dark violet coloured buds.

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Genotype Mostly Indica
Genetics Blackberry Kush autoflowering
Flowering 8 weeks
Harvest 500-600gr/m2
Height 70-110cm
Thc 20%
Cbd 0.8%
Method Indoor
Gender Feminized
Type Autoflowering


The Fastbuds Blackbery strain has a very sweet berry-like aroma with a subtle hint of butter.



Incredible flavour and aroma aside, the effect of this strain gives off a buzz that will be remembered: a euphoric cerebral effect followed by a systematic relaxation of every muscle in your body. Many users of this strain claim to have this Fastbuds strain prepared and ready to use at their nightstand before sleeping, due to the strong relaxing properties of this strain. This is a great strain for patients with Insomnia, anxiety and stress as well as muscle conditions like spasms and pain.

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11 reviews
Most Helpful Customer Reviews
  • nickfromsutton
    Bad gens? I'm not happy with mine, the plant is super small and has like miniature buds growing on it

    By on

  • Comment:
    130cm and 180grams ! Really pleased, a pure Indica strain, many branches. A hard rough smoke.

    By on

  • jonas
    Out of three, they all sprouted, one of them was a mutant and was covered in ferns. The others grew nicely and gave off a rich dark smoke

    By on

  • mikefrombrighton
    Nice berry taste ! Very Indica

    By on

  • Comment:
    Beautiful baby......

    By on

  • best grow
    the last time I grew this one it came at roughly 90 gr per plant! the taste and flavor are incredible, i REALLY LOVE IT. One of the best i have ever tried! TOP

    By on

  • relaxing
    Epic! I smoke this one before going to sleep, great for chilling out

    By on

  • my favorite!
    From all of the auto flowers i have grown, this one is my favorite!! She always grows bigger than the others and starts flowering before any of the others :) Her smell is insane!!! all around amazing, consistent, and smelly strain. my ultimate favorite!

    By on

11 reviews
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