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Durban Poison initially was a very popular Sativa-dominant strain. But, unfortunately, Sativas are known for their tremendously long flowering period, taking as much as 13 to 15 weeks! But nowadays you can actually enjoy a pure-blooded Sativa in a form of an autoflowering plant! Auto Durban Poison received all the best qualities from its parental strain. The high is soaring and bright, insanely psychedelic, unlike the most autoflowers that usually come with the stoney and sedative effect. This is caused by the high THC/CBD ratio. Contrary to the majority of autoflowering strains, Auto Durban Poison is unprecedentedly tall. Plants have a rather wide internodal distance and overall thin, elegant structure. Meanwhile the flowers exhibit the unusual thickness; they are very firm and sticky because of the abundant amounts of resin. Plants tend to stretch a lot during the entire lifespan. You can try and combat it using the SOG/SCROG and the “cold” spectrum lamps (6400-6500K). The production is decent, with yields going up to 100 grams per plant both indoors and outdoors. It would be wise to use bigger pots; 10-15 liters of high-quality soil may allow you to grow your plants without any fertilizers at all! Although some organic ferts never hurt. Auto Durban Poison is undeniably potent, just a couple of hits will get you high as a kite. Share it with your friends, they will also appreciate it. The psychoactive power also allows you to smoke less and therefore save the bud.

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Gender Feminized
Type Autoflowering
Genotype Sativa Ru Dominant eralis
Flowering 10-11 weeks
Harvest 75-100gr per plant
Height 80-100 cm
Thc High
Cbd Medium
Method Indoor




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    Great african Sativa ! Love it !!

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    Really tasty ! Definitely recommend !

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2 reviews
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