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Jamaican OG is The Cali Connection’s cross of their San Fernando Valley Og Kush with a sativa Jamaican strain called Jamaican Me Crazy. With this union, they obtained a sativa dominant strain with vigorous growth. This plant tends to be very stretchy so any method to control its height is more than recommended: supercropping, topping, LST… Even with its sativa dominance, this plant does not take a long time to flower, only 9-10 weeks and a a medium size harvest will be ready for you to cut. This plant is not recommended for beginners as it will require some attention and care you may not ready for. Jamaican OG will give you long buds with a delicious sandal wood and citrus aroma as a gift for all your effort. Enjoy its sativa lucid effect that will make you feel uplifted for hours!

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Gender Feminized
Genotype mostly sativa
Genetics SFV OG clone x pure Jamaican
Flowering 9-10 weeks
Height 80 cm
Method Indoor
Type Photoperiod

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