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Assistance provided by Brazilian agriculturists resulted in a creation of this beautiful strain. Utopia Haze is an almost pure Sativa variety carrying Afghani, North Indian and Mexican genes. That’s why the flowering time may seem a little too long (it’s 10 to 11 weeks on average), but the sheer quality of buds will surely make up for it. That little bit of Indica genes left allow Utopia Haze to stay relatively undersized (up to 1 meter at most). That makes it suitable for many indoor growers who oftentimes don’t have enough room for tall Sativa plants.

As a general rule, Sativas typically yield less compared to the Indica strains. But it’s not really a case with Utopia Haze. Look at the indoor crop – whooping 550 grams per square meter! And outdoor yield is up- and-coming too: over 500 grams off a single plant.

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Gender Feminized
Genotype Mostly Sativa
Genetics Afghani х North Indian х Mexican
Flowering 10-11 weeks
Harvest 550 gr/m2
Height 80-90 cm
Thc 22%
Cbd 0.6%
Method Indoor
Type Photoperiod





High THC to CBD ratio (22% THC, 0.6% CBD) stands for enlightening, soaring head high, as opposed to the most hybrid strains on the market. This kind of effect can be surprisingly helpful when you have to deal with lots of work, a couple of puffs will make your brain think in a creative way. If you’re a musician, writer or have a similar kind of job, Utopia Haze may probably help you out.



Cannabis Cup & Sativa Cup Winner 2008.

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10 reviews
Most Helpful Customer Reviews
  • Plus:
    great effing weed with a really great head high
    Can cause anxieties stress etc.
    Ouuh wow so I love hazes and when I heard of this one I just had to try it... So I grew it. I mean it's just like you're every day Sativa, tall and somewhat frail.. All was fine though got around 100g from 4 plants out of season which I consider a success. And then I tested it. Smoked it in the evening as in the morning; morning/midday smoking is great. I personally can only do it when I don't have work or the sativa-thc-anxiety kicks in, where as the evening I was wide awake chilling, relaxed and laughing.. So for me it's a great strain to smoke when oyu want to relax.

    By on

  • Comment:
    The effect is much more fun. Can't stop laughing

    By on

  • Comment:
    Interesting strain, but can smoke only in vacation cus too potent.

    By on

  • Comment:
    Too strong body high, good for party. Make me happy

    By on

  • Comment:
    Instant high. But you won't sleep the next night if smoke in the evening

    By on

  • Comment:
    Not for evening smoking. Too strong sativa effect

    By on

  • Plus:
    surprisingly robust for that downside.
    Frail Sativa structure
    FYI. These plants LOVE water.. I left town for a week and they weren't care for as well as they should've been and I paid the price.. well the plants did.. They all survived but they sure didn't look in a great state when I got back. I guess I lost some bud production but still all was good apart from that!

    By on

10 reviews
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