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Ladies and gentlemen, we present you the genetically pure Sativa that arrived to Europe originally as a landrace from South Africa. Breeders stabilized it and boosted some of its properties. We want to be fair with you – it is a ridiculously strong weed that also has a high THC/CBD ratio. It means that Durban Poison affects you with a “head high” that changes the perception of reality by quite a bit. And if you’re prone to having bad experience with the potent marijuana, 100% Sativas are not for you, and you’d better stick with weed that contains lots of CBD.
The thing that makes Durban Poison so special is the duration of the flowering period. It’s only 8 to 9 weeks! Meanwhile many Thai Sativas have the blooming stage that lasts for 13 weeks! Unbelievable, honestly. It’s a rare thing to find a plant that looks like a Sativa, behaves like Sativa and gets you high like a Sativa but at the same time has the short flowering time. Plants are tall and readily consume fertilizers without any problems.
16-25 THC, 0-0.2% CBD. Like we said, very potent and sometimes even dangerous for certain people. For the love of God, just smoke one bowl and then wait like 10 minutes to see if that’s enough for you. Many veteran smokers told us that Durban Poison is at least just as capable as well-known Sativas like Columbian Gold and Thai family.
Generally speaking, Durban Poison is a very nice Sativa strain that has virtually no drawbacks. If you haven’t tried real Sativas yet, it’s a perfect time to fulfill your dreams.

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Gender Feminized
Genotype Sativa
Genetics Africa Sativa
Flowering 8 - 9 weeks
Harvest 350 gr/m2 +
Height 140 cm
Thc 16%
Method Outdoor
Cbd High
Type Photoperiod





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