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This strain is a parent of the famous “Nordle” a name Mr.Nice was used to hearing over the phone without knowing too much where the name came from. The strain we have here, Afghan Skunk is the original Nordle, with some variations. The genetics of this strain come are those of a grand heritage; Skunk x Afghan.

So here we have something pretty OG – an original Skunk mixed with an original Afghan making this majorly an Indica-dominant strain and your best friend if you’re looking for THE extraction plant – Since the 70’s these plants/seeds/hash have been the product of mass exportation from their homeland of Afghanistan after being credited as the best hash in the world – a high as such of a stoners paradise. So by buying a pack of these seeds you’re bringing back to life a plant – that the king Sheh himself loved – into your garden/greenhouse or grow room and bringing it back the hashish dream back to life.

Afghani #1 is a pure indica variety from Afghanistan. It was initially selected for its dense buds and copious resin production, which made it excellent for hashish production. The crossing with Skunk #1 helped to improve its performance outside of its natural habitat.

This strain is one of our highest yielding strains producing strong plants with good side branching that produce large, solid buds. This strain often turns purple in cold climates. Although like many indica strains it can be susceptible to mould in humid or wet environments.

Afghani Skunk has a strong physical high and is often grown for medicinal use, due to it’s reported over average CBD content.

The vegetative cycle should be around 8 weeks – followed by another 8 weeks flowering. You may be asking what’s the difference between this strain and Nordle? The answer is simple – Afghan Kush has a quicker cycle and a shorter plant. You can expect to reach around 450g/m2 in the right conditions !

Get your seeds now and let the Afghan dream live on !

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Gender Regular
Genotype Mostly Indica
Genetics Afghani x Skunk #1
Flowering 8-9 Weeks
Harvest 350-450 gr/m2
Thc High
Cbd Very High
Type Photoperiod





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