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If you are after medicinal cannabis, this is the strain for you. This auto flowering and feminized adaptation of Medicine Man also known as White Rhino from the FastBuds lab, with the goal of creating an easy to grow strain, it will mature rapidly and is especially effective at soothing a range of ailments. In summary, it’s a strain most suited to medicinal marijuana patients. A hybrid with an ideal balance of both Indica and Sativa genetics, proving to be very advantageous for patients. As a plant, Rhino Ryder is so easy to grow that you'll forget about it until you are ready for harvest. It is pest and drought resistant, and will not need much nutrition. It won’t grow too tall, reaching a maximum height of 100 cm making it great for stealth grows. The compact, white crystal-coated buds are round and very dense, and the cola will be rock hard. Its yield and quick growth make it a great strain for the grower. After 10 weeks or so it will be ready for harvest, with 350 grams per plant. After the fifth week, it begins exuding a skunky aroma, with sweet nuances, and the buds begin to get compact as they fill in with abundant resin. They'll look like white horns. It has a very high CBD content of 1.2% and an incredible THC content of 20%.

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Gender Feminized
Type Autoflowering
Genotype Sativa In Dominant ica
Genetics Rhino Ryder autoflowering
Flowering 9-10 weeks
Harvest 450-650 g/m2; 50-350 g/plant
Height 60 - 100 cm
Thc 20%
Cbd 1.2%
Method Indoor


When smoked it causes a physical buzz with a very nice pear aftertaste. After a while the buzz will trigger - like a large dose of narcotics, providing a muscle relaxant effect.



From a medical perspective, Rhino Ryder by FastBuds is especially useful for muscle problems; spasms, fibromyalgia, cramps; and all manner of conditions that cause physical pain. It is great for use during bedtime because of the calming effect in this strain. Its smoke has a powerful quality that combats anxiety and stress with force.

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8 reviews
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  • Comment:
    Look at my bad boy !

    By on

  • Comment:
    Excellent genetics! Grew 72 days. The arrival is excellent, it's all like in the description. Without exception. I got a bonus. I draw a conclusion that Fast buds are the best in autoflowers, in the end I got a respectful 75grams of dry big buds.

    By on

  • Comment:
    Those who are disappointed, I advise you to try again, from my own experience I can say that Ryno is one of the strongest in the Fast Pack series!

    By on

  • loved
    I grew out 3 of the strains from you guys (Green Crack, Rhino Ryder and Fastberry), figured I’d post a smoke report here. Rhino Ryder: This was the strongest out of the 3 strains. A very sweet tasting strain with a surprisingly potent body and head high. The body effect is quite energetic with quite a euphoric and relaxing happy high. The taste on this strain is great, very sweet with a earthy tones. I can see why this strain would be recommended for medicinal use as it is a joy to smoke and is very potent. It tastes so good it is definitely a strain that you can smoke heavily and not get tired of it. - Bag Appeal: 4.5 stars - Effect: 5 - Taste: 5

    By on

  • best strain
    This strain got to be the biggest one out of my autos! I have tried many different strains, but this one became the greatest, really good!!

    By on

8 reviews
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