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The FastBuds team really challenged themselves when they undertook the task of crossing the legendary LSD strain. The result is an incredible purple colored strain covered in frost that will effortlessly slam you hard with its tremendous strength.

The LSD-25 is a very simple strain that is very easy to grow, a variety that is great for beginners and first time growers because its very forgiving to any mistakes made. Genetically its incredibly vigorous and it will withstand pH swings, interruptions in light, excessively high and low temperatures and irregular feeding schedules. Be warned though, the LSD-25 likes to drink, so make sure you provide plants with sufficient water. This is a strain that will thrive in all methods of cultivation from coco to hydro, aero and many more. On average this strain will grow to between 70 and 120 cm in height and will grow quite bulky. This strain will also react well to training. From germination to harvest the LSD-25 will consistently deliver and is great for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. The LSD-25 is very rigorous and will endure adverse soil conditions and high humidity environments, making this strain an excellent choice to survive mildew. The main trait of this plant though is the incredible color that develops as the plant matures. The calyxes acquire a deep purple shade with black splotches, and as the plant is ready for harvest the bud will be a deep purple shade.
This strain is not only one of the most bright and beautiful specimens in the FastBuds catalog, but it’s consistently earned top marks when rated by a large amount of individual growers throughout the world and aTHC content rolls up to 21-23%.

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Gender Feminized
Type Autoflowering
Genotype Mostly Indica
Genetics LSD autoflowering
Flowering 8-9 weeks
Harvest 450-500 g/m2; 50-250 g/plant
Height 70 - 120 cm
Thc 19%
Cbd 1.1%
Method Indoor


This strain has a very unique taste that resembles paint and wood varnish, but don’t let that put you off, it really has a very strong distinctive taste! Carbon Filters are recommended for this strain and as it flowers it gives off a very nice sour-earthy aroma. The result is a very strong and exemplary product that will be savored by even the most experienced smokers.



This strain from FastBuds has managed to capture both the classic powerful body stone as well as the psychedelic effect that inspires creativity which will make you flow with ideas and inspiration. When smoked heavily, this strain will even start to create visual effects. When the buds have been cured the strain will take on new dimensions with an increased flavor. The effect of smoking is so long lasting and powerful that you can easily over-smoke it, even if you have a very high tolerance to THC (which is a rare occurrence with auto flowering strains).

Dry Mouth


2nd Copa Canábica Litoral de los Poetas

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7 reviews
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  • I love you guys
    Thank guys very very much.like your support delivery everything goes fine!!! thanks again greenparrot !!!!

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  • Comment:
    Really good stuff!!!

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  • just ordered
    I just ordered this beautiful plant!! Can't wait to start the growwwwwwwww

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  • good yield
    This auto grows similar to the original LSD with similar effects. The potency is good for an auto and the yield is great. Compared to other autos from Fastbuds I have to say, all their autos give great harvests.

    By on

7 reviews
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