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Malana Bomb Auto is a brand new autoflowering variety of Indian descent. It is comprised of genes that belonged to the resinous specimen from North East of India. People have been using these varieties for centuries. They are perfect for making charas (Indian kind of hashish). You won’t have to wait too long – you’ll get your nugs nice and ready in just 70 days after the point of germination. The process of feminization was executed precisely – we guarantee that you won’t see any males or hermaphrodites, unless you stress out your plants pretty bad. This autoflower is really potent; as a matter of fact, it is comparable with lots of classic photoperiod strains out there, such as Skunk #1, White Russian and many more. 12 to 14% THC.
No need to travel to India to try out the true Cannabis Indica, just get some of these seeds, plant them, and wait… Well, actually, you’ll have to water the plants and give them some ferts too, but it’s not really a daunting task. In the end, growing is actually a hobby for many of us.
Concerning the smell, it is generally very conspicuous, so try to get your hands on a proper ventilation system as soon as possible. Be careful, plants give off even a stronger when the temperature goes too high.


Feminized Feminized Feminized
Type Autoflowering
Gentype Genotype Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis
Genetics Genetics Charas х Ruderalis
Flowering Flowering 60 - 70 days
Harvest Harvest 550 gr/m²
Height Height 70 - 90cm
THC Thc 15.0%
CBD Cbd 1.3%
outdoor Method Outdoor
indoor Method Indoor


The taste of this strain is kind of exotic, with a hint of earthy, pungent and fresh notes.



The effect is powerful, inducing a narcotic body high, which is relaxing and truly uplifting.

Dry Mouth


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Most Helpful Customer Reviews
  • Despite of 15% THC, it's strong indica. Potent stone

    By on

  • Miostly body effect. Want to do nothing. Just lay and lay

    By on

  • Longlasting soft effect. Causes a very strong appetite

    By on

  • planted in the soil Lemon + vermiculite + coconut. A week from the seed, 2 cm in height, a second pair of leaves appeared, the plants are squat and strong. It is worth a 60W LED-lamp. I will accomplish the results after 70 days of growth. P.S. Such large nuts are still to be looked for. Thanks Barney's farm and greenparrot

  • Since the planting, 55 days have passed, after a month under the LED-lamp, an increase of about a meter (it was necessary to bend), was put out, there was almost no smell (weak, pleasant). Despite the cold and rainy summer bloomed and fruited according to the terms. There are still 2 weeks, I'm waiting for the harvest to try.

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Warning Germination of Cannabis seed is illegal in most countries. Read more