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Easy Sativa from the Female Seed is, as the name says, an easy growing sativa variety specially designed for outdoor cultivation and greenhouses. Her feminized seeds get positive reviews all the time, even by those growers who challange this cannabis for indoor growing. Easy Sativa is known as one of the best buds producers in Holland with unforgettable high.

Like any other Female seeds, Easy Sativa feminized are hand selected and thoroughly tested for their qualities. In countries with warm stable climate, they can be started already in April indoors and put outdoors under glass cups one week later. It’s recommended to leave these feminized seeds to vegetate for 8 weeks for the best result.

Female Easy Sativa plants grow quite uniform and vigorously and can end up about 1.8 m tall at the onset of flowering. They respond very well to topping, and, if height is an issue, it’s an option. Usually, these marijuana variety produces one main cola; with topping, however, they grow two large main colas with a consequent size of up to 1.3 m.

If planted in April, flowering starts the last week of July, and the marijuana can be harvested already mid September. Feminized seeds of Easy Sativa produce very large and dense buds; so dense that they should be regularly checked for mould.

While buds are drying, they develop a distinct smell of menthol that changes and becomes much fruitier during curing. Smoking is incredibly smooth and pleasant as Easy Sativa marijuana has a subtle taste of lemons. Her high takes you gradually giving a nice balance between body stone and head buzz that goes on for at least 2 hours.

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Gender Feminized
Genotype Sativa
Genetics Pure Sativa
Flowering 7 weeks
Harvest Very High
Height 150-250
Thc High
Cbd Medium
Method Indoor
Type Photoperiod




Dry Eyes

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