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The huge dense buds of the G13 combined with the great effect of the Haze family gave the Barney’s team a resulting magnificent strain of Sativa dominance. People say that the G13 was initially created in secret CIA laboratories. Who knows, maybe it’s true? Look at these buds overflowing with resin everywhere! Plants tend to form several colas, which makes it very convenient to use SOG / SCROG methods for your plants. The plants are very large, for what we advise to prune.

The G13 Haze is an excellent producer, giving crops that reach 500g/m2 indoors and 400-600g per plant outdoors. It produces huge amounts of resin, so if you like hash, this strain will not disappoint you. Concentrates like HBO have an excellent taste and an amazing brain effect.

This beautiful strain will combine amazing flavors, superb aromas and pack into a beautifully structured plant with amazing cerebral effects and sensations.


Feminized Feminized Feminized
Type Photoperiod
Gentype Genotype Sativa dominant
Genetics Genetics G13 / Hawaiian
Flowering Flowering 10-11 weeks
Harvest Harvest 500 gr/m2
Height Height 70 - 80 cm
THC Thc 21.0%
CBD Cbd 0.7%
outdoor Method Outdoor
indoor Method Indoor


Worth savoring its smoke. Intense aromas, fruity and spicy flavors that lead to powerful brain effects.



The high is so strong it will remind you of psychedelics, such as LSD and magic mushrooms. Great for parties or travelling, probably not going to put you to sleep very fast. It’s a common knowledge that you can’t overdose on marijuana, but in reality you can get smoke a little too much so the effects get uncomfortably strong. So watch out and try not to smoke too much, especially if you haven’t built up your tolerance yet. Munchies will be VERY noticeable.

Dry Mouth


Cannabis Cup 2006 & 2007


Family tree

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews
  • Super strain ! Big fan of the hazes and this one could be my favourite !!

    By on

  • Smoke perfect for summer time outdoor activities, kept going for whole day. That's why smoke it only during vacation

    By on

  • I grow this strain constantly! Just a huge plant, about 2 meters. a lot of buds and leaves of excellent quality! the effect is positive and energetic, which allows you to smoke and work !!!!

    By on

  • Long picked up a dose so as not to turn off, the second puff is usually superfluous

    By on

  • Too strong cerebral high. Much more I need

    By on

  • Smoked easily, takes away just as easily and for a long time

    By on

  • Plus:

    GREAT high


    Super high that can be overwhelming if unknown


    Beginners beware, I tried this for the first time a few weeks ago. Now I've been smoking for a few years now since my accident and even then after a few hits I got super high ! great stuff though.

    By on

  • great lineage, great high super strong. you won't need much!

    By on

  • I cultivate this variety constantly! the growth is just huge about 2 meters. a lot of cones and leaves of excellent quality! the effect is positive and energetic, which allows you to smoke and work !!!!

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