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Join Our Loyalty Club

The More You Buy - the More Discounts You Get!
We at GreenParrot are here to give you more of what you deserve: more exceptional benefits when you shop with us, more rewards that really matter, and many choices for you to enjoy it all.

Online Shopping
Earn higher % for your discount with every purchase in our shop! Up to 20%!

To become a member all you need to do is register on our online shop and keep on doing online orders using the same account.

Shopping in Barcelona
Those who will be purchasing directly in our shop will be given a membership card, which you will stamp everytime you do orders in our shop, to get 20% off with your 10th purchase.

Come in the store to get your loyalty card, and every time you shop you will get a stamp. Once you have got 10 stamps, we will give you 20% discount for your purchase.

Card does not have expiry date!

For more details see our friendly team in store, or call on 934 579 107 (Code of Barcelona +34).

Loyalty Club Green Parrot

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