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Liberté, égalité, fraternité et …Cannabis

The Marijuana state in France In December 2014 was published in all comunication media a news that ensured that France would raise 1.800 million every year by cannabis legalization. This news placed again on the table the debate of cannabis legalization in France, one of the countries where ther...
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TH Seeds

A little history TH Seeds smells to Amsterdam. This cannabis seed bank is pure Dutch. He was one of the pioneers in selling cannabis seeds in a store to the public in the capital of marijuana back in the 90s, and today is a global reference bank. Thanks to its experience and the efforts of its f...
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The best varieties to clone

Discover how to keep the genetic of your favorite plant. As we have explained in our previous article (link) dedicated in the marijuana plants cloning, there exist several reasons why a cannabis cultivator decides to clone a plant. A good genetic; if the mother plant is excellent in the bloomi...
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Our top list of cannabis bank seeds

Know our Top List about Marijuana Bank seeds, in which country are the seeds produced, what they offer and the most outlined opinions of their consumers. 1.- Dutch Passion, “The king of feminized seeds” This marijuana bank seed produce since 1997, and is one of the oldest of Holland. The produce...
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Organic fertilisers for marijuana plant

Strong and healthy plants There exist a lot of options in the market to fertilise the plants and enrich the growth and the production of hearts of marijuana. The election of the fertilisers for the cultivation of cannabis will depend on a lot of factors. For example: if it is an interior or exte...
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