New Sensi Seeds

  Green Parrot announces the arrival of new Sensi Seeds strains to our catalog: Hindu Kush fem, Black Domina fem and Hindu Kush Automatic! We are always happy to add new strains from such professional and legendary breeders to our catalog, but we’re even happier when it’s about making those extr...
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Humboldt Seeds Organization

A little history: The beginnings of this organization go back to the hippie era of the 60s. This company was created to unify and support marijuana smokers hippies, that had refuge in the mountains fleeing of the big cities and police, and searched a safe place to grow their marijuana. This mass...
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Crockett´s Family Farm (DNA)

A little history This brand is the result of the friendship between Crockett and Don and Aaron DNA Genetics. In his passion for marijuana three friends, they formed an alliance to form a seed bank associated with DNA Genetics factory. Crockett meanwhile, provided a wealth of knowledge about seed...
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Serious Seeds

A little history The hand that is behind seeds Serious Seeds is Simon, an expert grower who studied biology at the University of Amsterdam. In his student times Simon did not smoke neither marijuana nor snuff. But in following a trip to Africa in 1986 after a study on marijuana, fell in love wit...
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Reserva Privada

A little history Of all cannabis seeds banks, maybe the story of Private Reserve is the most peculiar. This is a small bank that is supported by DNA genetics, a seed bank very potent marijuana, settled on the West Coast of America. This platform was formed for a group of American breeders of Ho...
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