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2017-01-11 10:24:00

Mephisto Genetics in Green Parrot!

The Green Parrot Seeds Team is really happy to anounce Mephisto Genetics was just included in our catalogue! Mephisto Genetics is the brand every autoflower enthusiast should try and will repeat for sure. Everything started as a dream of two friends who wanted to create better autoflowe...
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2015-11-23 10:53:00

White Label Seeds, new versions to a good price

h2. %(orange)A little bit of history% !http://greenparrotseeds.com/system/site_photos/images/411/original/descarga02.png?1447955228(White Label Seeds)! "White Label Seeds()":http://greenparrotseeds.com/en/banks/26-white-labels is a Dutch seedbank, which belongs to the big marihuana p...
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2015-11-11 08:39:00

Paradise Seeds, a cannabic paradise

h2. %(red)A little history% !http://greenparrotseeds.com/system/site_photos/images/407/original/paradise-seeds.jpg?1447230886(Paradise Seeds)! "Paradise Seeds()":http://greenparrotseeds.com/semillas-de-marihuana/banks/25-paradise-seeds has contributed for more than 20 years in impro...
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2015-10-16 10:27:00

All about Strain Hunters

h2. %(red)A little history% !https://greenparrotseeds.com/system/site_photos/images/392/original/B7aFfxdIAAA9MzI.jpg?1444990560(Strain Hunters)! "Strain Hunters()":https://greenparrotseeds.com/en/banks/89-strain-hunters is the Indiana Jones of seed banks marijuana. One of the most un...
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2015-10-05 08:14:00

Pyramid Seeds

h2. %(red)A little history% !https://greenparrotseeds.com/system/site_photos/images/380/original/descarga.jpg?1444032268(Pyramid Seeds)! This marijuana seed bank is simply different. Its creators have based his nomenclature strains and his corporate brand image in ancient Egypt an...
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