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2017-01-11 10:24:00

Mephisto Genetics in Green Parrot!

The Green Parrot Seeds Team is really happy to anounce Mephisto Genetics was just included in our catalogue! Mephisto Genetics is the brand every autoflower enthusiast should try and will repeat for sure. Everything started as a dream of two friends who wanted to create better autoflowe...
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2015-09-01 18:04:00

Critical, “designed to be cultivated”

%(green)The Critical strain; the commercial marijuana top % Critical() seems to be perfect for the commercial cultivation. It is a classic that is designed to produce good marijuana for all kind of public. Critical is popular because it suits all desirable requirements in a marijuana...
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2015-08-01 08:58:00

Humboldt Seeds Organization

A little history: The beginnings of this organization go back to the hippie era of the 60s. This company was created to unify and support marijuana smokers hippies, that had refuge in the mountains fleeing of the big cities and police, and searched a safe place to grow their marijuana....
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2015-08-01 07:54:00

Crockett´s Family Farm (DNA)

A little history !http://greenparrotseeds.com/system/site_photos/images/324/original/banner-lm-crockett-family-farm_blog_full.jpg?1438415084()! This brand is the result of the friendship between Crockett and Don and Aaron DNA Genetics. In his passion for marijuana three friends, they for...
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2015-08-01 07:27:00

Grow your Own (DNA)

A little history Born of the DNA Genetics factory, the line of seeds Grow Your Own(), it has become the favorite bank of collectors of cannabis, something the community of lovers of marijuana was looking forward. In addition, Grow Your Own() is recognized as the global benchmark for ex...
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