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2017-08-02 14:53:00

New Sensi Seeds

  Green Parrot announces the arrival of new Sensi Seeds strains to our catalog: Hindu Kush fem, Black Domina fem and Hindu Kush Automatic! We are always happy to add new strains from such professional and legendary breeders to our catalog, but we’re even happier when it&rsquo...
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2017-07-11 12:25:00

Top 10 Best Sativa Strains 2017

Sativas are famous and loved worldwide by all potheads for their energizing and psychedelic effect, full of optimism and euphoria. They require a lot of patience and effort from the growers, with those long flowering periods that force them to wait until November for harvest time outdoor...
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2017-04-28 08:54:00

Free Gorilla Glue Auto

As all of you Green Parrot customers know, we love to surprise you with some bonus seeds in every order. Attending to clients’ demands, we decided to modify this gift policy and, from now on, the strain available as a gift will be shown in your cart. Whenever we make decisions, we ...
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2017-03-31 10:29:00

Top 10 Best Autoflowering Seeds 2017

  2017 seems to be full of expectations for cannabis growers, specially for autoflowering fanboys and fangirls! In the last months some of the most breath-taking autoflowering genetics have been released for the joy and excitement of all those autoflower growers out there. With the ...
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2017-01-19 17:23:00

Philosopher Seeds

  Philosopher Seeds is an artisanal seed bank linked to the very famous spanish grow shop Alchimia, based in Girona. It was finally established in 2008 after many years of genetic research. Philosopher Seeds is like a family, all their team is part of a very close circle of grow...
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