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The Top 10 of auto flowering seeds

Which are the strongest valued auto flowering seeds by the cultivators?

As we have commented in some previous articles, one of the best options to plant marijuana for your own consumption is to choose auto flowering seeds.

These super seeds have the gen of auto flowering and with this property have developed the capacity to grow regardless of the solar light that they receive during the day.

This does not mean that we don’t need to take care of them. It means that the auto cultivation will be easier because they are ready in only 8 weeks.

We introduce you the most valued marijuana seed varieties by their users.

1.- Crystal METH , “White crystal”

Crystal meth

Know it

This feminized marijuana seed comes from Ruderalis variety grown in Mexico. It also contains gens of mexican ruderalis , Eearly Skunk, TrainWreck, Hawaii and Ruderalis . All these strains have the gen of auto flowering.

Is a Sativa hybrid – Indica with a size between 90-120 cm really easy to manipulate, but isn’t recommendable for novice cultivators.

With a 20% of THC, it can produce from 50 to 300 gr for each plant.

Time of blooming

It is named Crystal Meth because during its blooming period becomes white, covered by crystals with a high level of THC.

It can bloom in a period of 8-9 weeks without big efforts by their cultivators.

Effects of the consumption

The consumers say that is a weed to enjoy and sharpen the senses. If you taste this variety you will probably realize about thinks that you didn’t perceive before…

2.- Pineapple Express , “Tasty pineapple”

Pineapple express

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This auto blooming and feminized cannabis seed is a hybrid between Skunk, Hawaii and TrainWreck varieties with a strain of Ruderalis. Thus it has components of Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis.
This creation of the Fast Buds marijuana bank seeds produces resinous hearts with a level of 20% of THC.

Some of its exemplars can reach the 140cm in a short time span.

In a level of production the most fertile exemplars can reach the 300gr each plant, which means 600gr for m2.

Time of blooming

Its harvest time is only 9 weeks.

It produces an unbeatable efficiency and can reach a big size shortly.

Effects of the consumption

It causes happiness and euphoria and is ideal to fight against anxiety, thus is recommendable as a complement of some therapies against the anxiety and depression.

3.- Big Devil #2 , “fruity incense“

Big Devil#2

Know it

This feminized seed has been created by the petitions of the consumers of Beg Devil. The difference with its ancestors is that this plant can be 1.50m high, thus its production is more effective because it has more branches and more hearts.

Is a hybrid that is born from the variety of Fruity Skunk and possesses Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis gens.

It adapts perfectly in the interior, exterior and in hothouses cultivations, but it prefers to be in the interior where has lasted only 6 weeks to develop itself.

Time of blooming

In only 9 weeks it can be higher than a meter and a half and produce 600gr for m2.

Effects of the consumption

Its consumers love it because of the combination of fruity aroma and incense, which produces happiness and relaxation.

4.- Cream Caramel Auto , “Sweet candy “

Cream Caramel Auto

Know it

This is a feminized and an auto flowering seed with an Indica base of 90%. It comes from the mixture of different varieties of Caramel with auto flowering.

It adapts in interior, exterior and hothouses plantations, and can reach the 240 cm.

Its earthy, sweet and unmistakable aroma is one of the favorites of the lovers of Indica.

The hearts are resinous and compact with a medium production of 300 and 500 gr for plant.

Time of blooming

You can pick up the harvest after the eighth week.

Effects of the consumption

It has strong psychoactive effects and attracts a lot of curious smokers by its sweet aroma.
Is recommendable for medical uses to alleviate the pain of the chemotherapy, because it assures relaxation and it has antidepressant effects.

5.- Northern Light Automatic , “Fast buzz”

Nothern Light Automatic

Know it

This auto flowering feminized seed comes from the mixture of Indica and Ruderalis variety, in specific the NL and the Green with O-Matic.

Its success is because it has large branching.

It is undeniable thanks of its big production; you can pick up 800gr for m2.

Time of blooming

It blooms in only 10 weeks and can reach the 290cm in optimal environments.

Effects of the consumption

It produces a buzz in a really fast way and is really lasting. Its aroma is similar to incense and hashish.

6.- Afgan Kush Ryder, “Afghan hashish”

Afghan Kush Ryder

Know it

This feminized auto flowering seed is the result of some generations of strains cultivations Kush with 100% indica gens, coming from Pakistanies Mountains.

It possesses the feature of auto flowering thanks to the mixture with Ruderalis.

Is a good example of an indica cannabis plant, because it adapts perfectly in cold climates, and bloom without the necessity of long periods of light.

However, its best production is given in interior harvest with 250-300 gr for m2.

This variety is indicated for interior cultivations with an exposition of 20/4 hours to the light.

Time of blooming

The time of blooming is a record, is enough with only 45-55 days for the blooming and moreover presents robustness forehead plagues and mildew.

Effects of the consumption

It has high medicinal benefits focused on decreasing pain; therefore it works like a good natural narcotic.

Who consumes it assures that the flavor and the aroma recall the best afghan hashish.

7.- Lowryder #2 , “Small but powerful”


Know it

This seed is a hybrid mixture of the three variants of the marijuana plant: Sativa, Ruderalis and Indica.

Is the succeeding variety of Lowryder, it presents some features increased of its succeeding with a big strength and a better efficiency.

It comes from the mixture of Lowryder with the variety of Santa Maria with a Brazilian origin.
Regardless of the small size, the hearts are really big.

They are characterized by their small size between 30 and 60 cm, and they can be cultivated in the interior or in the exterior, but they adapt perfectly in exterior cultivations.

Time of blooming

This tiny plant blooms in only 9 weeks in spite of its small size.

Effects of the consumption

It produces the effect of the travel, with a penetrant aroma.

8.- AK 47 Auto, “The powerful”


Know it

This feminized variation of marijuana is the most powerful of the auto flowering in the markets.
It comes from the mixture between K 47 and Lowryder, and then it has gen features of the three cannabis varieties: Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis.

Is really appreciated by its big hearts.

It offers really elevated levels of THC and CDB, and then is a perfect choice to use it as a medicine or as leisure.

Time of blooming

It has a record phase of growth of 2-3 weeks; this plant offers fruits after the 75 days with a period of an optimal light. The recommendable is 20/4 hours of light.

h2. Effects of the consumption

Its aroma is sweet and intense. Is perfect for medicinal use.

9.- Auto White Widow , “Sweet dreams”

Auto White Widow

Know it

One of the most famous varieties of the world is White Window and is now available in the auto flowering version thanks of the work of Bulk Seeds.

It comes from the mixture of Brazilian sativa with Indian indica and Ruderalis, therefore it offers the genetic of the three typologies of the marijuana plant.

It has elevated levels of THC and medium levels of CDB.

Time of blooming

It blooms in a period of 8 weeks and can reach the 90 cm.

Effects of the consumption

Its aroma is pleasing and relaxing.

Smoking this variety assures a quiet evening with a sedative effect, then is recommendable to have a sofa close because it produces sleepiness.

10.- AutoBlueberry , “Dutch passion”


Know it

This plant is the version of the auto flowering Dutch Blueberry.

It comes from the mixture of Blueberry x Canadian Ruderalis, and then it keeps all the features of the emblematic Blueberry.

Its composition is 60% Indica-20% Sativa and 20% Ruderalis, and then it confers indica features and size.

Is a variety that is not so big, and then is perfect for urban places. It adapts in the interior and can suffer cold temperatures.

Time of blooming

Is ready to harvest with only 10 weeks, which facilitates the fact to realize more than one harvest every season. In high areas, have been cultivated until 3 harvest every season.

Effects of the consumption

Its violet color and its blueberries flavor provide an elegant and refined rush.