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The best varieties to clone

Discover how to keep the genetic of your favorite plant.

clonar marihuana

As we have explained in our previous article (link) dedicated in the marijuana plants cloning, there exist several reasons why a cannabis cultivator decides to clone a plant.

  • A good genetic; if the mother plant is excellent in the blooming and in the production, this will ease the tasks in the coming harvests.
  • Preserve the psychoactive effects: If the obtained product is personal, it is a benefit, or it produces something unprecedented in the flavor levels, psychoactive and aroma… the most probable is that we want to preserve it in our favorite list of cannabis for the next consumption.
  • Save time and money: if we are going to cultivate plants throw cuttings, we are not saving all the germination step, then we win time and we don’t have to invest more money in the germination products.

Obviously, we save money in seeds, because of one mother plant we can get several cuttings.

This advantage, however, contributes with the experimentation with new marijuana varieties that offer nowadays the bank seeds.

Which are the best marijuana varieties to clone?

Better Sativa

Most of the expert cultivators say that the Sativa marijuana varieties have better cuttings than Indica.

In any variety that you choose, we recommend you to choose cuttings of the plants that have a short internodal distance.

Regularor feminized varieties

Nowadays, there exist cultivators that realize clones through feminized marijuana plants, but the regular varieties keep the genetic purity of the chosen variety.

Bq. We recommend you to make a regular variety cloning, because they have original genetic properties and have a big work behind the bank seeds to guarantee reliability and quality.

In this case you should find one mother plant that is a “pure female”

Choose the best of your harvest and start the cloning.

“Mother plant” excellent for the cloning.

We have investigated and asked to different expert cultivators in the cannabis cloning plants and they guarantee that the following varieties are perfect to clone.

Check it by yourself and leave your comments.

Remember that the plant that you choose has to have good branches; it will guarantee that the cuttings can be grabbed in an optimal time.

1) Somango, the tropical queen:


This variety has an excellent branching. Is a multiple hybrid compound by varieties like Jack Herer and Big Skunk Corean to form the fruitiest of the varieties.
Previously was known as Soma 5, the new name has been given by its aroma and its tropical mango flavor.

2) White Widow, worldwide emblematic
White Widow

This plant has the perfect proportion between Sativa and Indica. It has an interior cultivation and although it needs solar and artificial light, it can be cultivated in cold environments. As a general rule, this plant doesn’t need a great care, and then is perfect for inexpert cultivators.

3) G13 hashplant, Indica purity

g3 hashplant

If your election is a pure indica, the recommendation for the mother plant is this. Its cultivation in the interior is perfect. The result is a solid and resinous harvest.

4) Arjan’s Haze, short and leafy
Arjan's Haze

This is a Sativa variety and is underlined for being short and leafy. Is one of the cannabis plants with the fastest growth of the history. Between its qualities there are some medicinal usages underlined. Is ideal to have cuttings.

5) Himalayan Gold, the winter production
Himalaya Gold

The production of this plant is really good, 1500g for plant, this makes the plant to be one of the beneficial for the cloning. This cannabis plants can be harvest in September.

6) Sweet Afghani Delicious, super resistant
Sweet Afghani Delicous
This plant is known in Spain, it produces dense hearts with abundant resin. Its greatest peculiarity is its resistance with the temperatures and with all kind of weathers. It can be interior or exterior and is resistant against plagues.

7) Destroyer, easy for the cuttings

This plant is characterized to have multiple branches, this assures to have cuttings easily. Moreover, its principal feature is that it has not much distance between knots, this is ideal to clone.