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The cloning of marijuana plants

Choose a good “mother plant” and generate security copies.

If you have decided to become a marijuana breeder the moment in which you have to select a genetic variety that meets all your desires will arrive.

After a good harvest, you will maybe want to conserve the properties of that plant for the rest of your life.

planta madre

To achieve this you have to choose an excellent ”marijuana mother plant” and start with the process of cloning that is explained in the following lines.

Obviously, the factors influencing the choice of your mother plant are its effects, its aroma and its flavor, but there are some additional parameters that can influence in your choice of mother marijuana plant.

Firstly, you have to assure that your plant is female.

When you have selected the best females, you will take care of these factors:

  • The production
  • The speed of the flowering
  • The resistance against plagues
  • The power of CBD and THC
  • The age (minimum 45 days)

If you already have your ideal marijuana plant, you can start the process of cloning.

What’s the cloning of marijuana?

The clones of marijuana are copies with exactly the same genetics, obtained from the donor plant.

esqueje marihuanaYou can obtain these cuttings from any part of the plant, if that part contains a bud growth.

We recommend you to do cuttings from stems and young, tender green shoots.

The best part of the plant is the top, because it is full of newborn parts.

The cloning of the marijuana step by step

1.- Select the cuttings: we recommend you cuttings with 7 or 8 cm of length that contain at least 3 leaf nodes.

When you localize the shoot, cut it with sharp scissors.

2.- Clean the shoots: keep the shoot in a plane surface, and remove all the leaves except the two leaves above with a razor.

You have to conserve at least two leaves because the cutting has to produce the photosynthesis for the roots.

3.- Cut the stem in an angle of 45º, under the node. Afterwards, introduce the cut stem in clean and warm water (to above the creation of air bubbles).

esqueje marihuana agua

4.- Remove the cutting out of the water and eliminate the excess of water. Shave the bottom of the stem from the base to the first node. It is better if you scratch softly the surface of the stem with the razor in a horizontal position.

5.- Immerse the shaved zone of the shoot in a hormone solution or gel. Assure that the stem is completely covered.

6.- Plant the cutting in the substratum and press around the base.

7.- Place the cuttings in the programmer. Damp the cuttings with a spray. You have to take a lot of care for the humidity of leafs.

esquejes marihuana

Note that the small cuttings have not roots, so you will have to take care of the humidity of the leaves.

After two days, we recommend you to open the breather for renew the air.

Normally, the cuttings have to be sprayed twice a day with water with a nutrient.

The clones must have low intensity of light, from 18 to 24 hours of fluorescent light.

The ideal temperature is between 24 and 26ºC, the air at least 3 degrees and humidity of 90%.

Since the first week they will be creating roots, so we recommend you to control the substratum with the aim to see their evolution.

The evolution must be:

  • Day 1: cutting a little bit withered.
  • Day 2: plant with a more healthy aspect.
  • Day 3: erect cutting.
  • Day 4: plant with vivid colors.
  • Day 7: cuttings with roots.

8.- Transplantation: when you have checked that the plants have created roots, you can transplant the plant to a flower pot of 3.5 L.

This is the climax of the cloning process, remember to irrigate and feed the plant after transplantation and enjoy the sons of your mother plant.