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Pure varieties of Landrace marijuana

The pure strain marijuana varieties.

What are the Landrace varieties?

The word Landrace means pure strain.

When we say in the description different kind of marijuana strains it refers to the plants that are native of a concrete area.

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bq.The Landrace cannabis varieties haven’t been mixed with any strain, then as a general rule their property and physiognomy use to be 100% Indica or Sativa.

Behind the hybrid fever…

Nowadays there is passion and fever between marijuana cultivators and breeders to mix cannabis strains to create and discover the most amazing varieties.

All these varieties come from Landrace marijuana strains.

The seeds of the purest varieties were collected in the 70’s and in the beginnings of the 80’s by the cannabis amateurs around the world.

Hachís trail

The cannabic travelers made a pilgrimage around the world named “Hachias Trail” that had the objective to taste the purest weed of different places of the world.

These travelers made a fantastic job recollecting seeds, these allowed the conservation of creole strains that have become the base to the marijuana cultivation at the moment.


The same happens with fashion, nowadays, in the world of marijuana after experimenting with the most varied and the newest, there exist a growing to return to the origins, to the purest strains of each region.

The origin of “Kush” and “Haze”

Multiple historical documents of the entire world, talk about cannabis and its usage since 2900 B.C

Most of the studies of cannabic culture position the oldest strains in the region of Hindu Kush of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Landrance MarihuanaAs time passed and created trade flows, these strains spread out to other areas, including South America, Asia, Jamaica, Africa and Russia.

Nowadays we talk about local varieties, these are the marijuana strains that have adapted to the surroundings of its geographical location.

landrace MarijuanaMost of the local varieties include the name of the origin region and its denomination.

A purer alternative

The expert cultivators start to show interest to plant Landrace seeds that are more affordable that the genetic ones even though they can produce female or male plants that won’t bloom in the desired period of time.

The objective to smoke a 100% Sativa or a 100% Indica product.

The Landrace varieties by regions:

  • Morocco –Moroccan Kif; a variety that produces the finest hashish of the world. The plant is underlined by its apparent subtlety in the small leaves, with short and fine leaflets and a limited ramification.
  • Malawi – Gold Malawi; these plants are tall, with long and fine sativa leaves and leaflets that don’t overlap; the products are extra long hearts.
  • South Africa – South African Rooibaard. Nowadays is known as the TK variety. Its produces hearts that are covered of coarse red hairs with sweet and fruity flavors.
  • Reunion Island – The perpetuate grass; a powerful mix of Indica and Sativa. The products are long hearts with high psychoactive.
  • Thailand – Thai Sativa, is probably the oldest variety of the world, it produces long and thin hearts with really long hairs.
  • Afghanistan – Afgan Indica, wide plant, short and hedgerow with a rounded form that provides wide and white resin hearts.
  • India – Himalayan Mal; although this plant is Indica, if you cultivate it in low altitude places it has Sativa features.
  • Kazakhstan – Kazakhstan Rudelaris; is one of the most resistant indica varieties. Its adaptability makes that they can be cultivated is several places, this strain is one of the most mixed because is auto-flowering.
  • Mexico – Oaxaca Sativa, Sativa variety with minty and fresh flavor, with Wood odor and a fruity background, it recalls an exotic fruit.
  • Panama – Red Panama Variety shows that grows high, thin and with intermodal distance of the hearts long and big steams. The hearts are long and thin, covered by long and fine hairs that will become red very soon.
  • Colombia – Colombian Red Point; a thin sativa with green leaves and hearts that produce a lot of resin.
  • Brasil – Red Brazilian Sleeve; one really high sativa plant, one plant with a high intermodal distance, hearts and branches covered by pink hairs.

The “purest” bank seeds of marijuana, specialists in Landrace are: