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The marijuana harvest

Pick your marijuana harvest!

Cogollos marihuanaOne of the most important decisions that you will take during the process of the marijuana cultivation plants for the own consumption is the moment when you have to pick your harvest

After you have taken all the cycle of the growth of the cannabis plant during 8 weeks, is the moment to know if you have done a good job.

We give you some advices of the expert marijuana cultivators to help you during the task.

How to know the appropriate moment to the harvest?

A lot of expert cultivators are guided through the colour of their plants to start to pick the harvest.

As a general rule the pistils indicate the maturation of the marijuana plant

You should know that the cannabis plant will be ready when the 70% of the pistils pass from white to red.

Recolecta marihuana

The cannabis maturation…

The psychoactive power of the marijuana plant is measured by a substance known as THC. In the maturation period of the cannabis plant, this substance is produced in the buds through the resin that the trichomes drop, known as “crystals” of the marijuana plant.

In this way the cannabis heart produces THC until the maturation finishes.

Is really important to collect the cannabis plant in the correct moment, if not the TCH will become CBN and won’t have psychoactive effects.

How to realise a good harvest?

As we have mentioned before, you should take into account the colour of the glandular trichomes. Analyse them with a magnifying glass of the minimum of 30 increases; this is a good option to decide the moment of the harvest.

tricomas cannabisbq. Take into account that if the trichomes are light and creamy, the effects will be more cerebral. And if they are darker, the effects in the organism will be more physical and with sedative characters.

To avoid possible humidity problems you should start your harvest in the sun, it will guarantee that the plant is totally dry.

In the first harvest we recommend you to collect some individual hearts to use them as a sample, in the plants that have from 50 to 70% the colour of the pistils molted.

With these three tests samples you will be able to appreciate:

  • The colour differences
  • The clearness

Once you have observed the samples you should label and dry them adequately.

When you have decided that is the moment to collect the fruits after all the marijuana cultivation process, you can collect the rest of the whole plans or just the individual hearts.

Where should we start to collect?

Remember that the superior cup of the cannabis plant receives more light than the rest of the plant, then it matures before than the inferior parts. For this reason we recommend you to follow two phases: from up to down.

In the first phase you can collect the hearts of the superior plants and then allow maturing the hearts that are in the inferior plant. When you have checked that the hearts of the inferior plant are hard and stiff you can collect them.

Recolecta cannabis
If you decide to collect the whole marijuana plant, we recommend you to cut first the principal stem close of the middle.

cortar cannabisbq. Take into account that the cannabis stems are extremely hard and you will have to use pruning scissors to cut them, or a well sharped sierra knife.

Recommendations of expert cultivators

For the first harvest is recommended to cut a plant or a heart when the 50% of the pistils have changed from white to red. While you have to allow that the rest of harvest mature.

When the 70% of the pistils become red, you can collect all the plants unless one (or unless a heart). This one you have to allow it to mature until the 90% of pistils are red and then you will be able to collect them.

In this way you will get three kinds of hearts: 50% matured, 70% matured or 90% matured.

Like the consumer like

secado cannabisAfter the drying you will be able to see different effects that the marijuana plant can produce depending on its maturation.

As a general rule these will be the effects depending on the collect and the maturation:

  • From 50 to 60% the effects are highly psychoactive and affect the brain.
  • From 70% the effects in the organism will be sedative and the light cerebral high.
  • In the 90% narcotic and relaxing buzz occurs