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The plagues of the smallest organisms of the marijuana plants.

Enemies of Cannabis III: The micro-mites

Los micro ácaros de la marihuana

The plagues in the cannabis harvest are one of the main concerns of the cultivators, novices and experts.

For this reason we offer you all the information about this topic, because then you will be able to know how detect the plagues, how to fight against them and learn to heal your marijuana plants.

In the previous articles like Enemies of Cannabis I and II we have explained the features of the Fungus and Insects that affect Cannabis plants.

But you don’t have to scorn the damage that they can produce in your harvest * the mites and the micro-mites*, the smallest organisms that exist in the animal world that can produce big smashes.

What are they?

The mites are tiny creatures, they belong to arachnid family. They aren’t insects, they have 8 legs and they don’t have antennas, they are like tiny spiders

microácaros cannabis

They are characterized by their tiny size, less than 0.2mm, and their tone is quite sheer, then they are almost invisible to the human eye.

This organism reproduce really fast; they live between 5 and 15 days and each female can produce between 30 and 75 eggs during this period.

After 5 days of their birth they are adults and they can start to procreate…

You can see all the damage that these mites can produce in your marijuana plants in only one month.


How do they affect in the marijuana plants?

The micro-mites are developed in humidity environments.

If you have an exterior plant in a dry and sunny place, you don’t need to be worried about micro-mites, because they are fotofogos and they hate dry places.

They hide in the shoots, in the goblets, in the tips, and in the new leaves of the marijuana plants. For this reason they are hardly impossible to distinguish between the leaves.

Also, these organisms are really fast and then are more difficult to be detected.

Their size is tinny and invisible. Then they are really feared by the cultivators.

You can infect your marijuana plant with this plague, because is easy to have these bugs in the shoes, in the clothes, in the hair or in your pet. Is probable that they appear with the arrival of other insects like the white fly.

The micro-mites are fed with the chlorophyll of the marijuana plant. They break the cells and then they attack with the growth of the plant, and then are dangerous for the health of the plant.

Detect them is fighting against them.

The signal of these enemies is the webs that they live in the leaves.

micro acaros

The same happen with the red spider, these organisms start to colonize the plant for the reverse of the leaves and for the invisible parts of the plant. But while they progress, they spin a web against their predators, the predators can be seen by the human eyes.

They normally spin between the reverse of the leaves, where they make their colonies.

How to fight against the micro-mites?

Fortunately, this species have their natural predators: some insects eat mites, and there are other mites varieties that are innocuous by the marijuana plants and they also eat them.

But if you don’t want to leave your harvest to the fate of Mother Nature, we offer some tips to combat them:

*Use organic fertilizers, this will contribute with a dose of small predators that love micro-mites and are innocuous.

  • Adore butterflies; they live from these individuals, let them to play and feed with your plants.
  • Water your plants with a hose with pressure in the most troubled zones. The pressure breaks the webs without any damage in your plant.

If after these solutions you haven’t eradicated these mini-enemies, we give the most common advice between the cannabis cultivators:

  • Use the vacuum and eliminate the mites leave by leave, until your plant is totally clean.

Remember to throw away the bag, if not you will get that they appear in your marijuana harvest again.

microacaros en marihuana