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Our top list of cannabis bank seeds

Know our Top List about Marijuana Bank seeds, in which country are the seeds produced, what they offer and the most outlined opinions of their consumers.

Marcas de semillas de Marihuana

1.- Dutch Passion, “The king of feminized seeds”

Dutch PassionThis marijuana bank seed produce since 1997, and is one of the oldest of Holland.

The producers team of cannabis seeds have done a big effort since its beginnings to investigate and cultivate marijuana plants that offer regular seeds, feminized and auto flowering.

Their principal challenge is to innovate, for this reason they create strains from genetic cannabis plants around the world

Their strong point is to give information to the users, for this reason its catalogue is easy to observe the percentage of THC and CBD of the most varieties.

They are outlined for their high quality and by the constant renovation of the stock:

One of their objectives is to create genetics that produce marijuana plants with an optimal size and a high maturation percentage, 95 approximately.

What do they offer?

Their catalogue is really big, but the feminized cannabis seeds are outlined with a big success percentage.

The most products are genetic mixtures of 80% Indica and 20% Sativa.

What do the consumers think?

The consumers ensure that their plants have fruity and pleasant flavours.

Thanks of the genetic mixture; their effects in the metabolism are relaxing and refined.

The cultivation is funny because the leaves have different colours and the hearts have blue tones.

The harvest is for expert cultivators, because of the plant alimentation. However, the reward is to obtain the best varieties of cannabis.


The cultivators like to germinate several Dutch Passion seeds to find the special mother plant
Some reviews affirm that it can be hermaphroditism. However, this can happen if you buy seeds that are not the original… Look for the the originals!!

We recommend:

  • Blueberry
  • Dutch Cheese
  • Super Haze

2.- Green House Seeds, “The winner of Cannabis Cups”

GreenHouse seeds This Dutch bank is located in the first positions of the top list, it is the most awarded.

Its success is because it creates varieties with high psychoactive, that is characteristic and appreciated by the entire world.

Between its mystic varieties we can talk about the White line with the unbeatable “White Window”, and their sisters “White Rhino”, “Great White Shark” and “El Niño”.

Its fame is also known by the development of the best Sativas of the market like “Lemon Haze”, “Super Silver Haze”, and “Neville’s Haze”.

Other characteristics are the production of the “Himalaya Gold” variety that created history at the beginnings of the 80’s in the Iberian Peninsula for its compaction, resignation and enormous productivity.

What do they offer?

These producers offer a large seeds range for interior and exterior cultivation, with excellent efficiency.

They are outlined by their innovation:

Since 2005 this bank offers feminized seeds collection and in 2008 they surprised us with colour seeds, indica Packs and sativa mix, with 5 different seeds in each pack.

What do the consumers think?

Most of the consumers affirm that the Green House Seeds are sure and effective, both in the interior and in the exterior cultivations.

They have a perfect germination.


The investigation and development department of this bank has done a big effort to develop genetics assigned to the medicinal cannabis.

Most of their varieties contain savage sativas, difficult to find in other banks thanks of the purity.

We recommend:

  • White Widow
  • White Rhino
  • Great White Shark
  • El Niño

3.- Sweet Seeds “made in Spain”

Sweet Seeds

This bank seeds of Spanish cannabis was founded in 2005, and it has become in one of the most important bank in Spain. And it also renowned in an international way.

Its fame is tanks of the effort in the conservation of quality and pure marijuana seeds.
This bank is awarded more and less every year by cannabicas Spanish Cups like “La Bella Flor”.

Its objective is to produce fast auto flowering seeds with a big percentage of success.
This bank makes a special follow up of the harvest of their cultivators through photos of the cultivation cycles in the web page.

What do they offer?

They offer wide varieties in their most feminized, also the best auto flowering in the market.
Their products have high rates of germination and femininity that produce plants with exquisite aroma and sweet and pleasant flavours.

What do the consumers think?

The consumers appreciate this bank by its original harvest. The plants are strong and peculiar.
bq. The harvest is focused in a dense central heart, surrounded by multiple hearts in the lateral branches also with a good density.

Some cultivators affirm that in only two months is possible to get plants higher than a metre.


The consumers affirm that the flavour is exquisite and relaxing. Its resins are sweet and pleasant, and then you want to “repeat”

We recommend:

The most recommended varieties are:

  • Black Jack
  • Sweet Thai

4.-FastBuds “a safe beat”

FastBudsThis American bank offers magnific auto flowering seeds since 2010 with good prices.

Its principal objective is to develop marijuana seeds with genetic basis of American cannabis plants.

Also, they are outlined by the preciseness and the quality controls, which makes impossible to find plagiarism of this seeds.

Thanks of the quality and the good relation of the success of the harvest with the price of the products, nowadays is one of the most famous banks in the east Europe and the fame has expanded to the central Europe.

What do they offer?

They offer a big variety of feminized and auto flowering seeds ready to the interior and exterior cultivation.

The consumers can be calm when they buy a FastBuds product; because the company makes strict quality controls.

Also, they are expert in the packing and the sealing of the seeds; this ensures the 100% of the quality in the entire world.

FastBuds is a safe beat.

What do the consumers think?

The consumers affirm that the success of the harvest is elevated in the exterior and in the interior cultivations.

It is also distinguished the satisfaction of the clients with the reception of the product, because the package follows strict sealed rules that ensures a proper conservation.


The consumers affirm that their plants produce hearts with sweet flavours and with exotic tones. This is because they work with American genetics in a conservative way.

Its blooming period in some varieties can be in just 8 weeks, but the most usual is in 10.

We recommend:

  • Rhino Ryder
  • Mexican Airlines
  • Fastberry
  • Crystal METH

5.- Barney’s Farm, “The strangest marijuana varieties”

Barney's FarmThis Dutch bank works since the 80’s in the study of genetic crossings of different cannabis varieties.

Its objective is in the laboratory, where the strangest crossings and the mixtures are created. These mixtures are created with indigenous genetics around the world.

Is a bank leader in a global level that has won several awards and cannabicas Cups thanks of the effort of the team to give quality and stability to the seeds. Between this awards it is underlined the High Times Cannabis y el Cannabis Cup.

What do they offer?

They offer feminized and auto flowering seeds with high levels of psycoactivity like LSD, with Trippy effects.

What do the consumers think?

The consumers are really happy to have strange varieties with an easy cultivation.

Their plants are apt for the interior and the exterior cultivation. They possess a big resistance against mildew.

The cultivators ensure that what they plant is great and perfect.


They work in the investigation and development of our high quality genetic varieties, with exciting crossings of phenotypes.

If you look for the strangest genetic marijuana crossings, this is your bank.

We recommend:

  • G13 Haze
  • Sweet Tooth
  • Utopia Haze
  • Triple Zero
  • Royal Jelly

6.- Mandala Seeds, “Cultivate in green”

Mandala Seeds

Is a Spanish bank founded by Mike & Jasmin in 2004 with a big intention of investigation and development of genetics with a high quality.

Its mission is to provide a green philosophy; creating the best marijuana seeds varieties in an economic price, and with a low environmental impact.

Its investigation department is focused to look for natural and ecological genetic varieties. The studies have some bases in the horticulture.

They also develop seeds from other plants with shamanic properties with psycoactive properties.

What do they offer?

They offer regular seeds with a big international and national fame.

They stand by their strains from Nepal.

If what you are looking for are ecological varieties, Mandala Seeds is your bank of seeds of marijuana. All their products have been cultivated with organic fertilizers and ecological lands.

What do the consumers think?

The consumers say that their seeds give plants easy to cultivate with an elevated index of germination.

Their plants are distinguished by being so robust and strong against the plagues.


People who have proved those plants say that their aroma is so attractive.

Bq. During the bloom the plants of marijuana show fruity odors, but during the burn, they show taste of incense.

We recommend:

  • Satori
  • Sadhu

If you are going to plant these seeds, we recommend the use of organic fertilizers (Fertilizers article).

7.- Serious Seeds “High psycoactivity”

Serious Seeds

This is a small bank of seeds of marijuana, one of the oldest of Netherlands. It offers high quality seeds.

Its laboratory has specialized in the production of high genetics purity cannabis, with medical and recreational aim.

Its more than 20 years of experience offers us really strong plants with a high index of THC, compressed between the 18 and the 22%.

This fact makes it as one of the best banks of seeds of the market.

The experience has brought it the possibility of guarantee the germination of its seeds. If you buy in Serious Seeds and there is a problem with the germination, the producers will give you another package of seeds.

What do they offer?

They offer feminized and regular seeds, with mixed genetics of Sativa and Indica, with a medium bloom of 60 days.

What do the consumers think?

The consumers highlight the reliability of their genetics and the success of their germinations. Serious Seeds is one of the most recognized banks of seeds.

Because of their purity, it’s necessary to preserve the plants of plagues and fungus. They are susceptible to the red spider.

The cultivators love them because of their results, because the regular seeds produce more females than males in a normal way.


Their genetic varieties have high quality because their I+D department develop really special plants. They have been awarded with a lot of Cannabic Cups around the world.

We recommend:

  • AK-47
  • Chronic
  • White Russian

8. DNA Genetics & Private Reserve “Collect singular seeds”


This bank has been created in 2004 in Amsterdam by American producers. It has been recognized with more than 50 international awards.

Its aim is to produce medical marijuana, and because of this they produce Sativa and Indica. Their quality is really amazing and its varieties are so interesting.

What do they offer?

They offer Limited Editions and Private Reserves. This is a bank of seeds for the gourmets. The cultivators love and collect Limited Editions. The more experienced cultivators say:

During the process, it’s important to follow all the cares for the plant, because their purity is awesome.


They have obtained the 2nd and 3rd position in Spannabis 2012 with the varieties:

  • KUSH

We recommend:

  • Sour Diesel

9.-Bulk Seeds “High quality, low cost”

Bulk Seeds

Bulk Seeds was created by a group of international professionals.

Traditionally, they sold their products in packages of 100.00 seeds, but now they sell packages of 10 seeds.

All the team of Bulk Seeds wants to produce high quality seeds with a low cost. Their I+D department has reached the best plants of Jack Herrer, White Widow, Cronica and Amnesia varieties.

What do they offer?

This bank offer feminized and auto flowering varieties, with genetics completely adapted to interior and exterior crop.

What do the consumers think?

They think the fact that they offer high quality seeds in small packages.


This year, they have made the auto flowering White Widow, which is a plant covered by white crystals, strong against the plagues and an excellent product.

We recommend:

  • Euphoria
  • Bubble Gum

10.-Dinafem “Spanish leaders”


After years of investigation and development of the cannabic culture, born in Spain Dinafem Seeds. Since 2005 its team has been working to reach high quality seeds.

This bank was the first commercializing feminized seeds with the same quality as Netherlands banks.

Now, Dinafem is a successful company in auto flowering and feminized seeds.

What do they offer?

They offer a large catalog with lots of varieties, such as Moby Dick, Critiacl+. Blue Widow… All their seeds are feminized and have been fondly tested, for their uniformity and stability.

What do the consumers think?

Their varieties are so easy to cultivate at home, and in mother land, they give tall and high quality plants.


The genetics of their products have been obtained from some of the best varieties in the world. Their founders created their first varieties as anonymous cultivators with the help of international cannabic communities.

We recommend:

  • Moby Dick
  • Og Kush
  • Original Amnesia