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Christmas Sale!

So it’s Christmas again, a time of giving, receiving, getting way too drunk with your family members, and suddenly realising how another year has just flown by. Everyone has a way of expressing their Christmas-i-ness during the holidays; whether it’s an itchy sweater knitted by Granny, a Christmas-light-covered house or a bottle of Bailey’s sitting under the tree, we all play our part. 

Christmas Sale in green Parrot seeds

So here at Green Parrot Seeds, to keep up the festivities we will be launching a 20% discount on EVERYTHING in seeds stock, whether it’s online or here in the shop in Barcelona, starting from today 19 December and going on until the 8th of January giving you plenty of time to get dressed up, get hungover, wrap and unwrap presents, and still have time to snatch up on some cheeky discounts here at Green Parrots.

From all the team we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !