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Cannabis Super Food Power

cannabis super food

Isn’t Cannabis wonderful? All the fabulous things you can do from the seeds, the plants, the leaves, all the way down to the molecular crystals found on the buds - there’s an endless list of possibilities to be explored ! But today we’re going to look at one of our favourite parts; the seeds.

Although for many, the seeds may have small importance apart from the beautiful plant they’re capable of producing, but nonetheless the seeds themselves are unique and are actually a largely overlooked healthy addition to people’s diets; that small little tiny thing contains a whole world of nutrition; fatty acids, proteins, and a variety of tasty vitamins!

Omega-3 and Omega-6; two fatty acids essential for the body’s production of protein, can be found at almost a perfect balance in hemp seeds. As well as acids; you can expect a nice dosing of Vitamin-E (which plays a significant role in the immune system and conservation of body tissues), Iron, Gamma-linolenic (found in breastmilk), and just 2 tablespoons of hemp hearts contains 10 grams of protein. So whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or neither - a sprinkling of cannabis seeds will only help your diet and it’s been known to have components prone to help allergies and even certain mild mental disorders such as ADHD!

hemp super food

Fried or toasted, husked or not, the seeds can be incorporated in anything from your morning yogurt, your afternoon salad or a post-workout snack to get that extra dose of daily healthiness!

We understand that some of you may be wary towards cannabis and the eventualities of it’s consumption, but do not fear ! THC is the active component of cannabis that gives it it’s effect when ingested. Cannabis seeds can have a total of 0.02% THC. So unless you literally eat a truck-full of cannabis seeds you won’t be feeling any psychoactive effects anytime soon!

Funnily enough it’s been documented how 10,000 years ago, Asian cultures would use the seeds for ceremonies and as a dietary supplement.. They had the right idea, I guess it’s about time we did the same, I guess better late than never !