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The Green Parrot team is very proud to present BC Bud Depot's new arrival to our shop!  After the uprising demand of american genetics in the last year, we decided to include some of the best american seedbanks in our stock, and BC Bud Depot was a big must. This seedbank from Canada includes in their catalogue some of the most demanded strains from the other side of the atlantic in unbeatable quality! We are very happy to be able to give you the best american genetics by Bc Bud Depot in the form of seed so you can grow your own Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG !

BC Bud Depot is a Canadian seedbank created in the 90s distributing some of the best genetics in today’s market. Its team started a Provincial Growing Association in which they started their genetic research, and a few years later they founded BC Bud Depot as we know it. They started their adventure locally and now you can find their strains in media and gardens all over the planet!



BC Bud Depot appeared in notorious media like High Times Magazine, and won several times their High Times Cup in different categories thanks to their incredible genetics and, in their own words, their constant “quest for perfection”. They also were in the Cannabis Grow magazine and other important media and festivals.



BC Bud Depot not only created their own versions of some of the best and most renowned classic strains as it is the case of the BC Cheese, the BC Kush or their Girl Scout Cookies, maintaining and sometime improving the original quality of the genetics. They also created, thanks to the very exclusive genetics they obtained and their hard work, some of the most powerful and top quality genetics in the last years, obtaining worldwide reputation. This is the case of the Animal Cookies, or Chemfire.



Animal Cookies is a powerful and vigorous hybrid, born from the loving embrace of Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG. It has a euphoric and relaxing strong effect and a sweet creamy taste with delicate sour hints.  Animal Cookies has amazing taste and medical properties that can help you with depression, anxiety, stress, chronic fatigue and stimulating appetite.



Bc Chemfire is a peculiar hybrid with incredibly strong effect and surprising gasoline parfume.  Chemfire is the result of crossing two famous monsters: Chem Dawg and Fire Og. This union gave birth to this robust and very productive genetic, specially conceived for chemical taste and devastating effect lovers.



BC God Bud is Canada’s business card in the cannabis industry, the one strain that made them famous for their quality genetics. That’s thanks to its euphoric and relaxing effect, great productivity and sweet earthy taste. God Bud won several prices by different and prestigious organizations and media such as High Times or ICMag. It is a very productive and compact strain, perfect for indoor commercial growers.

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