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How to fight the principal diseases of cannabis plant?

Enemies of cannabis I

If our plant starts to grow in a healthy way, it can become a temptation for some insects, bacterium, fungi and plagues.

It is important that you know the principal enemies of cannabis() plant. Then you will be able to perform in order to save the plant.

“You should be attentive in the growth process. Some plagues like caterpillar can appear before the collection.”

Cannabis plagas

If you know the plagues, you will know how to fight against them.

In some countries, the cultivators find some animals like grasshoppers, spiders, cows… that could be dangerous for the plants.

We are going to talk about insects, fungi and plagues that are the most common in interior or exterior cultivation.

  • Fungi
  • The Microorganism
  • The insects

The fungi

The Royal fungi

What is it?

Cannabis plagas Is an endoparasitic that is difficult to identify and can appear easily in spring and Inrainy autumns.

It affects normally in the leaves, and it is difficult to treat, because it can disperse with the wind.

It is characterized for the apparition of bulges. These can be red, yellow or orange.
The strong attacks of this illness can produce a defoliation of the plant.
h3. When does it appear?

It can appear in any moment, but the most probable can be during the blooming. It normally appears from the inferior leaves to the superior ones.

How to fight against this?

You can do it with a selection of fungicides.


What is it?

It is made with a group of reticular fungi.

Enemigos del Cannabis

These fungi can proliferate in a really easy way during an interior plantation or in hothouses.

It represents a danger, because it can represent a totally loss of the harvest.

¿When does it appear?

It can appear in two phases: the pre-emergent attack; it would be the germination process before the seed has germinated. The post-emergent attack can appear in the steam of the plant just in the middle of the.

How to fight?

We recommend you to have a control against Pythiumdurante during all marijuana proces. There exist a lot of different kinds of fungicides that will help you with the plants. The main important are:

  • Hydro carburo aromatic
  • Fosfonats
  • Carbonates
  • Ditiocarbamats
  • Fenilamids

Botrytis or grey mildew

What is it?

The Grey Mildew Botrytis
is a fungus able to attack more tan 220 varieties of plants, among them, the marijuana() plant.

Cannabis plagas

It attacks the interior, exterior, hothouse marijuana plants; its principal source is humidity.

When the plant change the colour or the texture, it is probable that the plant is infected.

When does it appear?

This fungus is normally current at the end of the blooming or during the drying. It is also given when there exists a big difference of temperatures between night and day.

How to fight against it?

  • Increase the power of the ventilation with a non-humidifier tool.
  • Give enough space between the plants.
  • Clean the plant in a big frequency.

Hongooidioo Whitemildew

What is it?

enemigos cannabis

It is a fungus that affects in the aerial parts of the plants. It is known as white dust.

It is a white dust, and it turns the leaves into yellow colour until they are dry.

It appears when there is a high or a low level of humidity.

These plagues are really frequent in cultivation with artificial light. It can improve with the use of earthworm humus.

When does it appear?

It appears in a first phase in the leaves, and then it moves to all parts of the marijuana() plant until it arrives to the heart.

“Be careful! It destroys the resin in a complete way, and then it is not useful to smoke.”

How to fight against it?

It disappears during summer with temperatures higher than 25ºC, but it appears again during the autumn.

The most common biological solutions to control oidio are:

  • Propolis
  • Oidioprot of ecoprotect
  • Ospo

“We recommend you to realize the treatment every 10-12 days until the day before the harvest. It is good to cut the affected leaves and sprinkle Potassium Soap.”