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Mephisto Genetics in Green Parrot!

The Green Parrot Seeds Team is really happy to anounce Mephisto Genetics was just included in our catalogue!

Mephisto Genetics is the brand every autoflower enthusiast should try and will repeat for sure. Everything started as a dream of two friends who wanted to create better autoflowers than the ones in the market. In their quest for the biggest, strongest, most powerful and beautiful plants was born the idea of Mephisto Genetics. They finally moved to Spain in 2012. That allowed them to take their business in to a larger scale and have a better space for the development of what we could call the best autoflowering on the market. From that moment, their company reached a new level. They have now 4 different lines: Mephisto Originals, Artisanals, Limited Editions and Illuminautos.

What is the real difference between Mephisto and the other companies? The answer is in their slogan “Made with love”. The Mephisto team does all the work in-house. Their genetics, documented with total transparency, are created only with their own genetics or F2 versions of the most exclusive clone-only strains of the world. They do an extremely rigorous selection work so only the best of their work is in their catalogue. Best and totally stabilized genetics guaranteed. From the starting point where the new genetic is only an idea, to the package, everything is done by the Mephisto Team.

That's why we are super proud to include 3 of their lines in our catalogue: Mephisto Originals, Limited Editions and Artisanals.