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Crockett Family Farms - new range of 100% elite regular seeds!

Hey everyone! Green parrot Seeds wants to introduce you great regular strains from Crockett Family Farms. Is a new range of 100% elite regular seeds, with a great reputation for quality.

Crockett Family Farms is the result of the friendship between guys from DNA Genetics and Crockett, an American grower. Crockett meanwhile, provided a wealth of knowledge about seeds and cultivation of cannabis pearl: the powerful Tangie variety that has been cultivated over the past 10 years.

All varieties come from the Crockett garden for this reason the quality control is excellent.
The varieties of this range are the perfect balance of Sativa and Indica ideal mixtures of flavors, mixing ancient and pure genetics, with new crop genetics, and with the hybrids.

Cannabis Cup 2014 Amsterdam Winner!

This seed bank has gained popularity thanks to exemplary Tangie. It was the winner of Cannabis Cup 2014 Amsterdam staying as first and second winner in the same category for Best Sativa. Something has never occurred before in the history of cannabis cups.

Green Parrot Seeds line bet for Crockett’s Family Farm. Check out the strains from Crockett Family Farms and encourage to grow marijuana of the purest quality.

Here you can see some photos of Crockett´s strains:

Sour Banana Sherbet

Crockett´s Tangie

Banana Split

Crockett´s Haze