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New cup winners from Barney´s Farm

Long awaited new strain from the producer of champions Barney´s Farm Cookies Kush, is in stock! This 100% Indica strains was born as a result of hybridization between Girls Scout Cookies, the variety that was chosen for its superior taste, and an undisputed champion, renowned OG Kush. The offspring turned out to be glorious. Meet the last generation of Indica! Even the OG Kush doesn’t look all that impressive when compared to the Cookies Kush,. All of the properties were improved: yields were increased, smell became even more intense, and there is even more THC – incredible 24%! Even though it’s a pure Indica strain, the effect partially resembles the clean high that is usually inherent to the pure Sativas. Body “stone” is still present thanks to the 1% of CBD. And other new strains of 2015 season:
Tripple Cheese, Two heads are better than one, and three cheeses are surely better than one. How come that this Cheese had tripled itself? Well, the thing is, breeders from Barney’s Farm decided to backcross Blue Cheese with its predecessor, the original Cheese variety from the UK. The result is astonishing. Mighty British genetics are now even more attractive than before.
Peppermint Kush, 22% THC, thick nugs and lots of resin. That’s basically what Peppermint Kush is. Oh yeah, there is a nice mint scent that is so pleasant that you will hesitate to install carbon filters. And it’s not all that noticeable too, unless you have two or more plants in your garden.
Auto Sin Trabajo, In Spanish the expression “Sin Tra Bajo” means “effortless”, “easy”. This is it, the accurate description of this strain. It is rapidly flowering auto that will deliver unbelievably large quantities of bud in just 9-10 weeks starting from the germination day. Auto Sin Tra Bajo is a sturdy and vigorous plant, your typical autoflowering variety. Its cannabinoid content stays between 12 to 15% THC.
Chronic Thunder the mostly Indica strain that is basically a cross between Chronic and Alaskan Thunder. It flowers fast and gives an impressive yield of sticky and aromatic buds. There is over 20% THC, so you better prepare for an intense “stoned” effect that is going to last for several hours. Great choice for beginners and professional cultivators alike. If you’re looking for something new and you are an Indica fan, Chronic Thunder will satisfy your needs.