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How to recognise the varieties of Indica and Sativa marijuana?

Up or down

When we have to establish a basic classification between the different cannabis plants, we should know that the most of the marijuana cepas can be divided into:

Sativa vs. Indica

  • Pure Indica cannabis cepa
  • Pure *Sativa cannabis cepa
  • Hybrid cannabis cepa would be a mixt of Sativa and Indica

The majority of the habitual consumers know which kind of cannabis they should consume to arrive in a physic or physiological determined level.

The consumption of Indica Cannabis produces relax and sleep and the consumption of Sativa stimulate the brain and increase the levels on energy.

Nevertheless, there exist some studies that deny these theories to say that are urban legends
bq. “The studies done by the Raber laboratory, agree that the only characteristics that mark a difference between both kinds is a morphological feature, then an organism different effect is not possible.”

But, the chemical products responsible of the medical effects of marijuana known as “cannabinoids” (http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabinoide) are founded in different parts of Sativa or Indica Cannabis. Then, the effect in the organism is different.

Even though it is a myth or true, we show you a list of the principal differences of Sativa Cannabis against Indica Cannabis.

Indica Cannabis, sweet dreams

How do they look like?

Indica Cannabis plants come from medium orient, principally from Pakistan and Afghanistan. Thanks of their origin, these plants grow in colder environments. They are* short, robust* and wide. They can measure 50cm of high. They are dark green, and its leaves are corpulent.

The medium production of this plant is from 40-70g for plant. They contain 18% more of THC than Sativa Plants.

Cannabis Indica

H3. Cultivate in…

For its size are ideal to receive an interior cultivation.
The heart production is wide and dense, the blooming is possible after the 8-12 weeks in a normal environmental conditions.

How do they taste like?

The flavours of Indica cannabis include: pine, spicy, ground, hashish, or a sweet fruit flavour.

Its effects in the body…

Cannabis Indica

The effects produced by Indica varieties are relaxed and narcotics. Its consumption provides the possibility of being in the sofa with your mind in white.

bq. “The Indica varieties are perfect to alleviate stress, pain, and they also help to sleep.”

They are prescribed to:

  • Chronic pain
  • Muscular spasms
  • Anxiety
  • Nauseas
  • To stimulate the appetitive
  • Against insomnia
  • to generate strong sedative effects

Ideal for…

Indica Cannabis consumption helps to stop the effects of some illnesses like multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, lupus , sleep apnea and insomnia.

Some popular varieties of Indica cannabis would be; PIB , Pure Kush , and el regalo de Dios .

Sativa Cannabis, for happiness

How do they look like?

Sativa Cannabis cepas are from equatorial countries like Colombia, Mexico, Thailand, and south west of Asia. For this reason, they should be developed in a hotter climate.

They are characterized to grow thin and high. They can be 6m high. The leaves are thinner than Indica cannabis. And they are soft green.

Its production is bigger than Indic cannabis; it can produce from* 0.85g-400g* every harvest. Nevertheless, its percentage of THC is inferior in comparison to Indica varieties.

Cannabis Sativa

Cultivate in…

Sativa marijuana plants are ideal to cultivate in the exterior.
Its blooming is longer, they can last from 10-16 weeks to get the total maturing.

How do they taste like?

Cannabis Sativa plants have a really penetrant smell, and the flavour is sweet, spicy, and even though diesel combustible.

Its effects in the body…

The produced effects by Sativa cannabis plants are stimulating and energetic.

“Its popularity is because they cause non-stop laugh and mental aperture.”
Cannabis Inspiration

“They invite the consumer to talk about the deepest aspects of his life. Then, this is preferred by some artists, philosophers and musician to be more creative.”

The Cannabis Sativa varieties are effective during the treatments against stress, depression and TDAH.

Between its principal benefits, we can find:

Increase of well-being.

  • Elevation of conscience and thoughts
  • Stimulation
  • An increase of concentration and creativity
  • Against depression

Ideal for…

People who need relief during the day, above all in psychological treatments or psychotherapeutics and post traumatic status or anxiety.

Sativa Cannabis cepas are Purple Haze and Mauwie Wauwie.