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Big Buddha Seeds, It smells like cheese!

A Little bit of History

big Buddha Seeds

We want to introduce you to the number 1 Seedbank in the UK.

Its founder, Milo Yung, has flooded the most popular high streets in the United Kingdom with his colorful Cannabis Seed packets.

Milo Yung

He sells this seeds in so-called “headshops” which can be found on some of the most visited streets in London and Edinburgh, as a kind of souvenir for collectors.

But the truth is, that these seeds turn into strong marihuana plants, with a strong resistance, high production and one common property: the taste of cheese.

These plants are as strong as controversial, the tastes are spectacular and the effects in the organism are psychedelic. A real cocktail of strong sensations, which will put on probation every smoking expert.

Its strenth:

Even if it sounds weird, the strength of this seedbank is the “cheese”. Most of its versions have a light taste of cheese, combined with the most popular flavors and tastes of the cannabic panorama.

After Milo yung, its founder, created the very famous Big Buddha Cheese, he concentrated his efforts on improving cannabis with new seeds, and creating new versions based on the cheese phenotypes.

With this in mind, he has managed to incorporate a slight flavor of cheese in all his seeds.
His products have a great quality to cost ratio, making Big Buddha Seeds a very popular seedbank.

His slogan is:

“To offer feminised cannabis seeds, which have been combined with Cheese genetics, especially with Big Buddha Cheese.”

Without any doubt, they are specialists when it comes to the most tasty and aromatic phenotypes, which are available right now on the market.

Cannabis Cups and Prizes:

Their most known strain is the Big Buddha Cheese, which won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2006 and 2008 as “best indica”.

The Big Buddha Cheese strain is an Indica with a very quick flowering process, with a small portion of sativa genetics, which makes her a great candidate to smoke.

Big Biddha Cheese

Growers assure that it’s necessary to use carbon filters from the 8th bud on. It’s flavour and taste are well known worldwide.

They won prizes as well in 2008 for their “Blue Cheese” strain.

Specialized in:

They have more than 16 different types of marihuana seeds in their catalog, both feminized and autofloweing.

As we already noted, most of the hybrids from this seedbank have cheese genetics, which stand out because of the strong taste and smell of cheese.

Their plants are strong, with hard buds, a lot of resin, and with good resistance against changing weather, both indoors and outdoors.

The most popular strains are the previously mentioned Big Buddha Cheese, Blue Cheese, Chiesel(), Cheesus, etc. …

If you love cheese and cannabis, then Big Buddha Seeds is your seed bank. You have to follow its flavour like a little mouse… Try the seed banks plants and buy their cannabis seeds at Green Parrot Seeds!