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White Label Seeds, new versions to a good price

A little bit of history

White Label Seeds

White Label Seeds is a Dutch seedbank, which belongs to the big marihuana production group “Sensi Seeds”. It was founded more than 15 years ago, with the goal to organize and sell the seeds which already existed and came from the cultivation of Sensi Seeds.

Just like a store window for the new improved genetics of the Brand Sensi Seeds.

This new line started to make its own name day by day, to then turn into a seedbank which is now a reference name for cannabis growers worldwide.

Nowadays, the research team brings own strains to the market, from its own harvest; daughters of the plants which were just samples in the year 2000.

Its stenght:

This branch was born to pick up the new genetic which Sensi Seeds was developing, that’s why the most important team is R+D (Research and Development).

White Label Seeds

In the eagerness to improve the most-saled and the most stable strains, they specialized in searching genetics all around the world. Especially they are looking for stable phenotypes of the most popular strains for growers.

This type of action has led to put all their resources into the development of emblematic cannabis plants . This is why their budget, when it comes to weaving and marketing , is very low.

A strategy which is the complete opposite to the one of its mothergroup Sensi Seeds, but which is very recognized by its fans, as their products always have a very good quality, to good prices.

Their slogan is:

“We want to offer the chance to be able to buy high quality marihuana plants , but to a good price.”

Under this slogan, they work every day with zeal, in order to improve their most popular strains, which are available in stock.

White Label Seeds

Cups and Prices:

White Label Seeds own a big selection of winner plants. We should not forget, that this is a Sensi seeds branch, and Sensi Seeds has been present and will be, in most of the prices.

The most awarded strains are Skunk #1, Super Skunk or Northern Lights #5 x Haze.

Specialized in:

The catalog which White Label Seeds offers to us is very complete. With a good presence in all 3 typologies of seeds which are in the market; feminized, regular and autoflowering.

All their plants stand out as they show a classic pattern with basic genes which never fail, but they have an exotic tint, which makes it really attractive for beginners and experts.

Their products are very stable and with a hughe resistance against pests and storm.

We should also mention, that White Label Seeds brought out a strain to the market, which contains XXL productions and has turned out to be very popular between growers who want to achieve a good harvest.

White Label Seeds

This Brand assures a good produciton, powerful plants and a mixture between flavours and tastes which never fail. This is why we, at Green Parrot Seeds, offer to you all strains with all guarantees.