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Paradise Seeds, a cannabic paradise

A little history

Paradise Seeds

Paradise Seeds has contributed for more than 20 years in improving the quality of marijuana strains they have been marketed in Europe from the US.

The company was founded in 1994 in Amsterdam, and was the result of 12 years of research, tests and experiments with many different varieties.

This marijuana seed bank has always sought to create better varieties, more palatable flavors and more optimal sizes for the crop . Proof of this is his collection of seeds, that each year are better and more adapted to self-cultivation.

Today, thanks to their involvement in the development of new varieties, Paradise Seeds is one of the banks that has made it possible for the Dutch Cannabis is the world’s best and most popular.

Its strong point:

Their Marijuana seeds are produced organically and contain all the trace elements necessary for good germination.

Their criteria in the growing are very strict about the pollination of plants. The pollinations are performed in closed places so that there is no interference with other male plants not desirable.

Paradise Seeds

Just pollinate the better quality seeds and they apply to the pollen some filters to make the product the best.

The seeds are hand-picked, discarding immature and not fertile. Only then they can try and ensure germination and viability.

Their motto is:

“Paradise Seeds guarantees a 95% chance of germination, if growing conditions are right.”

Therefore, they have created a series of tutorials and manuals crop for each of its products. They have a testing ground in Europe that allows them to study and test their varieties becoming one of the safest bets for experienced and novice growers.

Paradise Seeds

Cups and Awards:

Paradise Seeds has over 25 awards on their shelves. They are veterans winners of the “Cannabis Cup” since 1999, and have special mention in most international cannabis cups.
For them the best reward is consumers who trust on them year after year.

Paradise Seeds

Among the most awarded varieties are Sensi Star, Allkush, Belladonna and Dutch Dragon.

Specialized in:

Most varieties are vigorous F1 cannabis hybrids that come from very stable genetic crossing.
Since its inception they focus on offering indoor seeds, in exception two varieties Sweet Purple and Rox, which have been designed to plant outdoors in colder and humid areas.

All varieties give spectacular results in continental climates such as the Mediterranean.
Most of its strains are suitable for medicinal use, with high levels of THC and CBD levels optimal.

Among the most valued by consumers include Delahaze, Nebula, Ice Cream, Opium, and of course the Sensi Star has honors in all its options, regular and feminized.

Green Parrot Seeds, seeds and we will invite you to try to grow the plants lovely and tasty Paradise Seeds.