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Organic fertilisers for marijuana plant

Strong and healthy plants

There exist a lot of options in the market to fertilise the plants and enrich the growth and the production of hearts of marijuana().

cannabis cultura
The election of the fertilisers for the cultivation of cannabis will depend on a lot of factors. For example: if it is an interior or exterior plant, the kind of seeds that you have bought…

“You should have into account that if you cultivate in the exterior, the plants will be in contact with bacterium, plagues and fungi.”

Nevertheless, the decision that you should take is if you prefer the fertilization of the plant with chemical elements or organic.

We recommend you a strong engagement with the environment and with your health, then we will talk about organic fertilisers. These are more common for cannabis plants.

¿Why is it necessary to fertilize the marijuana plants?

The first thought of an inexpert marijuana cultivator is that, if you take care of the plant and you give it a good ground, an optimal temperature, sun and water, it should grow in a natural way and produce a reasonable harvest.

However, the fertilisers and substrates are necessary in the harvest of the marijuana plant(), because they give the necessary minerals to have a healthy growth and an abundant blooming.

It is true

You will get plants:

  • More resistant against insects, fungi or climatic conditions.
  • Less distance, which you will get more hearts.

Which nutrients does marijuana plant have?

The principal alimentation of cannabis plant is nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium NPK. You will need small elements like calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, boron, manganese…

“The chain of the needs of a marijuana plant starts with boron (that is the manager to make the plant to release sugar in the substratum. After performs the calcium, nitrogen, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium.”

If one of the connectors of the chain breaks, the plant can suffer some lacks or stress, which will provide negative consequences for the harvest.

Fertilisers according to the growth cycle.

Mainly, there are 3 important vital steps where fertilizers should be used. The fertilizers are normally applied during the watering of the plant.

Fertilizer of the ground: an enriched ground will give to the plants a strong base of growth. We recommend you coconut ground, rich in nutrients and really affordable.

Growth fertilizer or rooting fertilizer will help with the root growth in its enlargement and thickness.

Blooming fertilizer: during the blooming it is essential to be more productive and healthier. These fertilizers stimulate its immunological system, making them more resistant to the environmental.

Bet for easy

Abonos organicos
In the net you can find several home-loving “recipes to make it for your own coffee tea, banana earthworm humus…

But, if you don’t want to cook and make experiments with your cannabis() harvest, we recommend you the following brands.

Some kind of fertilizers

Fertilizers based on manure or guano: they are really easy to find and they are affordable. They are enriched by other organic nutrients and minerals like bacterium and enzymes.
Mineral fertilizers: they are more effective and they generate more production, although they can produce an excess of mineral sales.
Biological fertilizers: They are additives elaborated with organic products like seaweeds or natural plant extracts like Bloom of Biobizz.

Bio-mineral fertilizers: they are the combination of two products, Plagron Alga Bloom and Green Sensation.

Solid fertilizers: are the suitable to fertilize inert grounds and to improve your harvest grounds like Guanokalong or Power Humus.

The experts say

In the realized surveys in the net and in the forums of the cultivators of marijuana, we found these star marks of organic fertilizers. According to the opinions , these fertilizers give surprising results.

Fertilizantes de Cannabis

For the rooting:
• Piranha
• Tarnatula
• Vodoo Juice

Nutrients for the growth:
• Humboldt
• Iguana Juices Grow
• Iguana Juices Bloom

Production enhancer:
• Nirvana
• Big bud
• Bio-bloom

Fertilizers format:

You will find these products in a liquid way and in a 1l bottle. This is the best option to dilute the appropiate proportion during the watering.

We recommend you to follow the indications showed in the pots. You should respect the use frequency too.

“You should have into account, that the fertilizers can have different prices. The medium cost is from 10 to 12€.”