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Samsara Seeds, a lifestyle

A little history

Samsara Seeds

Samsara Seeds was founded in Spain by a team of young enthusiasts who are interested in the cannabis plant, and appreciate it as a culture and a way of life.

Its main objective is to offer cannabis seeds that provide a lifestyle, for this reason they are in direct contact with cannabis growers both novices and experts.

This seed bank is the result of many years of work and a large collection of cannabis genetics, prepared and studied to the smallest detail, for crossings that offer multiple sensations to the consumer.

Its strong point:

This marijuana seed bank’s main objective is to select, maintain and seek to improve cannabis genetic lines that already exist.

Its aim is to preserve the cannabis plant with more desirable properties and distribute it to all consumers can enjoy it.

Especially focus on the most desirable medicinal benefits of the plant and study its main uses in pathologies.

Their motto is:

Literally they have a catalog of varieties of cannabis which they describe as a “sea of spiritual feelings that you can feel to the wheel of life, the state of enlightenment”

So your audience is usually calm and interested in the contemplative life lifestyle.

Samsara Seeds describes the marijuana plant as an injection to achieve states of relaxation that evoke thoughts about karma and relaxation.

Samsara Seeds

A philosophy of life packed in varieties of marijuana seeds.

Cups and Awards:

There are numerous citations and awards that Samsara Seeds has achieved in recent years in different Spanish cannabis cups.

Samsara SeedsEspecially it emphasizes the good will of its founders who have helped and collaborated in various contests, offering prizes, sponsorship and support to the organizers.
Their varieties that are most valued in the events are Green Love Potion, Flash Babyloon, and Sweet Black Angel.

Specialized in:

Samsara Seeds has two lines of cannabis seeds Autoflowering and feminized.
Both collections have been created under the concepts of balance, with the following mantras of quality, originality, medicinal value, effort and commitment to its customers.

Their genetics comes from different parts of the planet, and has been collected by the same team of Samsara.

They have dedicated time and effort in genetically modifying varieties to offer medicinal qualities to consumers.

Seeds Samasara done a great job to recover and preserve the medicinal properties of cannabis and its use in different human pathologies. All 100% from a holistic vision that invites relaxation and enhance moods in which the patient can create different self-healing resources through the induced relaxation.

Among his most valued plants by consumers we can find Supersonic Crystal Storm, Green Love Potion, El Alquimista, Flash Babylon and Kiss Dragoon and more varieties of his catalog that you have to discover.

In Green Parrot Seeds we have the spiritual catalog of cannabis Samsara Seeds. Try them, relax, and meditate on life!