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All about Strain Hunters

A little history

Strain Hunters

Strain Hunters is the Indiana Jones of seed banks marijuana. One of the most unique and adventurous current cannabis market companies.

This marijuana seed bank was founded by the hands of Arjan and Franco, the most famous breeders of renowned seed bank Green House.

These growers have focused his entire career on finding the most natural varieties of the purest strain that may exist on the planet.

So from the beginning, a group of adventurers, with the backpack, had run arround the 5 continents to search marijuana Landrace with the most unusual and best qualities. In addition, they have studied the different forms of cultivation of breeders worldwide.

His knowledge of the marijuana plant is huge because they have behavioral studies and cultivation of cannabis plant in a different environment on the planet.

Today, they have a number of partners collectors to help them in finding cannabis seeds, in the deepest zones of the world.

From Malawi to Colombia, his collaborators are travelling in search of the purest marijuana.

Its strong point:

The Strain Hunters have developed two of the most important virtues key to success for a company of cannabis; passion for the plant and its cultivation in various parts of the world, and the study of the different varieties.

Strain Hunters

They have a catalog of genetic amazing that allows them to market unique creations that only
they can get. They also have the support of a large Dutch company behind as Green House, which is a guarantee of success for any product that they want to market.

The Strain Hunters have edited a number of documentaries that are distributed on DVD in order to disseminate information about the marijuana plant and the preservation of this magical species.

Their motto is:

“We believe it is our duty to preserve as many local varieties of marijuana in our genetic database”

His library is full of phenotypes, and thereby aim to create hybrids and prototypes that approach the science to best qualities of the medicinal marijuana.

Cups and Awards:

No wonder that the Strain Hunters have gotten mentions, cups and prizes in most of the cannabis events who have submitted. Its varieties are different, striking and fresh, and therefore, are valued by the cannabis community.

In 2009 they got the 3rd place for the best product with the DVD Strainhunters and second in 2010 for the expedition of India DVD in the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Strain Hunters

As for varieties, its Skunk Auto led them 1st place in the Grow Expo 2013 in Irun. That same year the Flowerbomb Kush led them 1st place in 420 Grow Cup in Amsterdam. And in 2014 the Flowerbomb Kush received 3rd place in the Cup as the best IC Grow says.

Specialized in:

The Strain Hunters began with the sale of seeds feminized initially. Due to its success and the amount of genetic, gradually they joined a range of regular seeds that expands the collection.

Strain HuntersThe intention of the Strain Hunters is to identify, locate and retrieve local varieties of cannabis which have not yet been studied, in order to give scientists and doctors the opportunity to further enhance the knowledge of the cannabis plant in the medicinal field.

Its objective is based on many cannabinoid profiles, previously unknown, found in local varieties of cannabis from areas where there is potential for scientific research.
One day these plants could be useful in developing better medicines for the sick and the suffering.

The varieties preferred by consumers are Big Tooth, Skunk Auto, Damnesia, Damnesia Auto, White Skunk Straberry.

Green Parrot Seeds We are delighted the work of Strain Hunters and support your project. Choose their varieties, grown it, as Indiana Jones of marijuana would.