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Pyramid Seeds

A little history

Pyramid Seeds

This marijuana seed bank is simply different.

Its creators have based his nomenclature strains and his corporate brand image in ancient Egypt and They taken it to the extreme of creating varieties that transport you to the very tomb of Tutankhamun.

His team works every day growers with the aim of offering feminized seeds easy to grow, good production and affordable price.

Your audience are professionals and amateurs growers with a tendency to love the flavor blends and strains with exotic look.

Its headquarters is located in Barcelona from where they develop and market their orders throughout Europe.

Its strong point:

This seed bank has achieved its goal; easy cultivation, smoothly and with a more than generous production. This is why every day the seeds are chosen by growers, and they earn more adherents in each event or fair that cannabis are presented.

Its strains have a very high germination rate and are very stable and resistant to pests.
Also they sold each of its varieties in individual packages for the grower to try different varieties for each harvest.

Selected one by one each of the seeds sold and verified its quality standards.

Their motto is:

Pyramid Seeds

“Our female varieties are 99%. And germination tests give us 97% of success. "
Its main focus is on the marketing of feminized cannabis seeds, easy to grow and highly profitable.

Cups and Awards:

In its desire to offer extraordinary genetic stunning flavors and aromas have created a variety that is winning triumphs in most competitions in which it is presented; Nefertiti.

It is a cross between the famous White Widow and the no less known variety of Black Widow with a contribution of genetic Haze. An irresistible mix of strong growth and high psychoactive.

With high levels of THC, more than 20% took first place as the best hybrid feminized Spannabis Cup in 2007.

Pyramid Seeds

With his short career there are no doubt that in the next calls fill their shelves for cups and prizes.

Specialized in:

Its most outstanding specialties are mainly sativa and grow better indoors.
Thus, among his creations we mentioned the already nominated Nefertiti, Tutankhamon, Anunbis, Auto Anubis, Pipi … among others.

Pyramid Seeds

Travel to ancient Egypt wiyh Pyramid Seeds is in your hand! In Green Parrot Seeds will find its most famous varieties.