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TH Seeds

A little history

TH Seeds

TH Seeds() smells to Amsterdam.

This cannabis seed bank is pure Dutch. He was one of the pioneers in selling cannabis seeds in a store to the public in the capital of marijuana back in the 90s, and today is a global reference bank.

Thanks to its experience and the efforts of its founders, the bank has changed the paradigm of genetic mixes in the cannabic international scene.
Many of them say that changed the world of cannabis and were the founders of the School of marijuana genetics.

The truth is that they were born in an environment in which there were only Northern Lights, Skunk and Shiva in various proportions, and strove to create different strains as impressive and diverse as Bubblegum.

The cofeeshops of Amterdam give thank this change by TH Seeds as it they could begin to stand cannabis cups with different strains. All the varieties, winning in the positions as a better varieties with more THC and ,more stability.

Its strong point:

T. H. Seeds is one of the oldest businesses in the Netherlands and ihis seeds comes from the powerful company CIA (Cannabis In Amsterdam), former cannabis information center.
Throughout its history the bank has earned a reputation for the supply of cannabis seeds high quality, very high percentage of THC and cutting-edge genetics.

Undoubtedly, the landmark that marked the before and after in recreational marijuana use was the presentation of the variety SAGE (Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium), a strain that changed the rules of the game, with a pure Haze taste and a production much more higher than any other Haze.

Th Seeds

Today the company strives daily to offer the best on the international scene to Europe.

Their motto is:

TH Seeds is at “the epicenter of cannabis information now and forever”, being his based genetic study of strains with high adaptability and excellent results.
And surprise the consumer with plants cannabic high quality and irresistible mixtures.

Cups and Awards:

This seed bank is presented to awards and competitions since 1995 so the list of cups and prizes is so extensive that we will try to summarize their most awarded varieties.
Also, there are numerous competitions that have been presented, but definitely the most representative are the High Cannabis Cup.

Among his champions varieties we see strains MK Ultra, known super Kush and SAGE are repeated.

The varieties always win the best strain with higher THC values above 20%.

Specialized in:

This marijuana seed bank has a wide range of cannabis seeds with different genetic always high quality, and with the intention to offer the world new consumer purposes, a range of scents and a palette of flavors.

Its seeds are divided into feminized, autoflowering, regular and collectibles such as
Exclusive Box Sets.

Feminized seeds and autos are ideal for novice and expert growers, and very adaptable both outdoors and indoors;

We highlight the Bubblegum() , Sage’n‘Sour, Mk-Ultra(), Darkstar, The Hog, Wreckage(), Da Purps, Skunk XXX, Chocolate Chunk, Electric Lemon G in different formats and feminized cars.

From Green Parrot Seeds we invite you to try them, you’ll see how each plant TH Seeds transports you to the capital of marijuana. Try them and be amazed!