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Royal Queen Seeds

A little history

Royal Queen Seeds

If there are a marijuana seed bank history and track record is certainly Royal Queen Seeds, one of the largest banks in Europe.

His team has over 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry since it was founded in the early 90s in Amsterdam.

A perfect location and a great moment to start with a market that was beginning to be on the rise, and now, thanks to the efforts and commitment of its founders equipment they are in the podium of marijuana banks.

In their labs and offices, the members of Royal Queen Seeds are identified as “fanatics of marijuana” and combine their knowledge with a passion for the plant.

The result; a powerful brand that offers varieties of marijuana for everyone.

Royal Queen Seeds

Its strong point:

They ensure that all seeds have been grown with organic fertilizers and hand selected to find the quality in the germination.

All seeds are feminized to ensure a fruitful crop to the growers, who only have to be following growing and maintaining plants.

Also they pay particular attention to packaging that is made resistant for protect them from possible environmental changes and in order to arrive at the best possible conditions to the growers.

A series of requirements that make cannabis seeds of this bank a safe option for both growers and experts to novices.

Their motto is:

In Royal Queen Seeds they love and care marijuana plant, and nurture to find the unit that contains the greatest benefits to humans.

In recent years they have received cups and awards for his work with medical marijuana, so his target is to provide the user options to “grow their own medicine.”

That is why they strive to invest in genetic easy to grow with very good results, with values and above all, beneficial effects on the body.

Cups and Awards:

From the Netherlands to the world its seeds travel each year to run for the cannabis cups as widely. And always, they come back home with an award or mention with them.

The winners are White Widow classic, Shining Silver Haze, Northern Light and Haze and some varieties known worldwide as Kush, or Critical Skunk # 1 OG

Specialized in:

Its catalog is extensive. It has a wide variety of strains; feminized, autoflowering and medical, so you can choose an indisputable combination of quality and price..

His entire collection of autoflowering varieties offers very high production results in just 8 to 10 weeks of flowering.

It cultivate had never been so easy!

Auto Northern Light is the most popular version of Royal Queen Seeds for its abundant harvest and its amazing fruity.

Royal  Queen Seeds

However, every season offer new strains willing to meet the demands the most demanding growers like Auto White Widow or Auto Amnesia Haze.

In Green Parrot we are faithful followers of Seeds Royal Queen Seeds, and we have the compromise to offer their new and classic seeds, day by day.