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Delicious Seeds

A little history

Delicious Seeds

This marijuana seed bank offers its varieties to the world from the Levante coast of Valencia.

It was created by a team driven by passion to the cultivation of cannabis strains. A group of experts experienced growers and producers, based in Spain, with the intention of offering the world a very particular vision of approaching this ancient plant.

Delicious Seeds

With its exceptional location on the Spanish east coast with an ideal climate, the seed bank can offer to the world different genetic varieties.

Both its Indica and Sativa and their hybrids have been tested on their crops and greenhouses that have a very optimum temperature throughout the year.

Its strong point:

Through a team of breeders and with a hard work after selection, the bank’s main objective is to present its new varieties of marijuana for medical and recreational use.

Delicious Seeds

As a reward for your well work environment and thanks to its growing, the product it is delicious, as the name suggests.

Proof of this are the numerous cups and prizes won throughout his career.

Their motto is:

All varieties of Delicious Seeds have their own genetic line and that makes them different.

Consumers say their catalog offers a multitude of smells, tastes and powers, it seems that every consumer can choose the most appropriate strain of marijuana.

Cups and Awards:

The bank collects cups and prizes around the world. More than 40 prizes won in just eight years.

Since 2010 usually have good results with indoor varieties and sweet flavors.
His greatest presence is in the events is in Spain, but slowly, they are expanding its borders.

Lately they have won the 3rd prize of interior with the variety Cup Cheese Candy cannabis Uruguay.

His most acclaimed varieties are Caramelo, Critical Jack Herer, Marmalate, Sugar Black Cotton Candy, Northern Light Blue and Fruity Chronic Juice.

Specialized in:

In this bank you can find anything from the finest indica, to the most medical sativa.
In addition, all strains are resistant and ideal for temperate climates.

In its catalog you can find regular, feminized seed, special collection and two varieties F1 or (Fast Version) that offer a ready product in just eight weeks.

Also a Gourmet selecction that offer a pack containing the varieties most awarded in the various cannabis cups, do not let lose!.

Delicious Seeds

In Green Parrot Seeds we are lovers of Delicious Seeds, so we offer varieties of the easiest and best warranties in the market.